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Shiny Giratina has just appeared in my English Platinum :D. I'll post more information when I finally capture the thing. It took me 6 days of SRing for it to appear.


Well the battle was one-sided, as Giratina tore through 5 of my 6 Pokemon, so I chucked the Masterball(as I was down to Houndoom, and Giratina got three stat boosts ><, darn Ancientpower).

I originally wanted to catch it in a Repeat Ball, but I threw the Masterball as it was my last resort(and I didn't want to make it the 3rd shiny Giratina I couldn't catch). My Synchronizer worked, and Giratina has a Modest nature .

Sparkle, Sparkle

Here are a few pictures of Giratina, in its Altered Forme:

Shiny Giratina
Modest nature

I'm not sure when I'll get to EV training this beautiful shiny Giratina, hopefully after I beat the E4 and get Pokerus/Macho Brace. Not sure what my next shiny target will be, going to play through the game for a bit.
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