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At the moment I only plan the pkmn league, but by the time I get to that stage I should be able to inlcude the orange islands.. I kind of lost interest in pkmn at that stage of life and so I only ever saw a few orange island shows.
The random episodes that I see on tv thesedays make me shudder, They have really lost their way. At least the first series was interesting and exciting..
In case you didn't know, I already stated this in the 1st post:
Quote originally posted by Krazy_Meerkat:
I will follow the series to the pokemon league and then decide if I want to continue with a sequel or whatever..

Small update: I have finished the title screen, I think it looks much better this way. - Thanks Pyroyahtzee (I'll upload it later)
Pikachu and most npc's now have 8 walking sprites just like the player.
Thats all folks.. Still working on route 1
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