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Originally Posted by Haruka
It's better making in a paragraph form because it's more interesting to read...
Originally Posted by Kayleigh
Hmm... Maybe for some people, but I prefer it in a type of category. It's easier to read.
I'm agreeing with Kayleigh...I hate to read long annoying paragraphs...but Language Arts has always been my least-favorite subject...


PC screen name: tmbjr (duh!)
RL name: Thomas M. Black Jr.
what everyone calls me IRL: Tommy
Date of Birth: 05/13/87
City and State of Birth: Houston, TX
Current Residence: Houston, TX
Address: Do you think I'm stupid enough to reveal this?!?
Age: 16
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Height: somewhere around 5' 11" and 6' 0"
Weight: somewhere around 165 lb. and 170 lb.
IQ: somewhere around 150...
Political Affiliation: Neutral on the Conservative side
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholicism
School Attending: Eisenhower High School
Grade: 11th
Favorite Subjects: Math and Art...I've got a natural aptitude for both
Least Favorite Subjects: Reading and Writing...I'm a slow reader and I can't write a good essay to save my life...
Personality: Smart and shy, likes to help others when needed (especially if it's a hot girl )
Hobbies: messing around on the computer, playin pokmon games, watching TV...
Favorite Pokmon: Crobat

is that enough info?

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