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Okay, here's my profile.
PC screen name: Kurokoneko, Sturm
RealLife name: Austin
Date of Birth: Oct./15/1988
City and State of Birth: Colorado US
Current Residence: Tokyo Japan
Address: SECRET
Age: 15
Eye Color: Black with dark red
Hair Color: Black
Height: Can't remember!!!
Weight: .....I lost my weight...
Personality: can see it with yourself...
My fav. thing: Pokemon, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy, Forums, StarLightUmbreon, older girls
Dislike thing: Younger girls, dirty thing, spammer
Favorite Pokmon: Shiftry, Sceptile, Tropius, Roselia, Victreebell, Vileplume, Plusle
Favorite Quote: DUDE!!!

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Is now known as Dark Heaven