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Boerdom + too much time + I like RPing = hey I'll make a new RP! Yay for me.


A group of Team Delta scientists gathered around the cluster of eggs. Through months of back-breaking research and the dangerous mission of collecting DNA from legendary pokemon they had finally done it, they had created eggs that would hatch legendary pokemorphs. And now, the hatching was about to begin. The sinister leader of Team Delta, Cypher Wroe, was sitting back in his chair when the egg containing the Arceus morph hatched. The pokemorph was immediately bombarded by scientists and in his fear he took off running, but not alone, for he took the other eggs with him. After a long time of giving chase, the scientists caught up on the morph and shot him with a paralyzing dart, but thier scientific work was not perfect and the blow thus proved to be fatal. As they walked up, it became apparant that in his last struggle for life the Arceus-boy had warped all the other eggs to random locations in the Sinnoh region. The only thing anyone could think or say then was, 'now what will happen?'


Now the legendmorphs are all about thirteen, some variation because the hatchings were stalled for some, but they are all still quite young. You are one of these one-of-a-kind pokemorphs, and news has spread of your and the others existance. Now, Team Delta will stop at nothing to get their hands on you, danger lurks on every corner, and challenges await your every move. You have now discovered that you must find the others, and Sinnoh's legendary pokemon as well, so that Team Delta can be taken down. But the journey will not be easy, for with the evil team so well disguised and their members so common, there is no one in the region of Sinnoh that you can trust.

No godmodding
PC rules
No mary sues
You are already legendary, so you can't be shiny!
Be respectful
Use proper grammar
Don't post until two people have posted since your last one

Sign Up Sheet:
Name- an average name, you were raised by normal people
Age- 12-14, nothing too far from thirteen
Gender- doesn't need to be the same as the pokemon you are
Pokemon Half- From the list I provided
Appearance- Be descriptive, and remember, you are half pokemon
History- Be detailed
Pokemon Move- ONLY ONE, keep it limited to something your legendary can learn

List of Sinnoh's Legendaries:

My Sign Up:

Name- Violet Rika

Age- Thirteen

Gender- Female

Pokemon Half- Darkrai

Appearance- Violet stands at about five foot three and weighs 87 pounds, so in other words, she is tiny. Her basic features include moderate development, normal facial features, and pale skin. Her eyes are a bright, dimly-glowing blue and her hair is pure white. Her forearms have three black spikes lining each one and she has a black er... how do I describe it... lets just say a tail exactly like Darkrai's (he has a tail incase you may not hav noticed). Also, Violet has her fingernails and toenails painted black. Her clothing is basically a grey tanktop with rhinestones on the top forming a neat pattern with a black jacket. She wears factory-worn jeans that are a very dark navy. Her sneakers are grey but the laces are white. and finally, Violet wears a ursaring claw/tooth nacklace that has been dyed completely red (I wonder why...).

History- Violet was brought up by two pokemorphs, the woman a sableye and
the man a haunter. The couple found her egg out in the Eterna forest and took it back to their home in Eterna city. When the egg hatched three days later, they were surprised to see that the baby was a pokemorph, and a darkrai one at that. Knowing how important legendary pokemon were, they raised the pokemorph, now called Violet, in replacement of their own child. So Violet grew up in Eterna city, ironically, this was the town to go to if you wanted to hear about legendary pokemon. There was a huge statue with a worn off inscription on it, that told about dialga and palkia. So Violet was pretty good off. She got into her fair share of trouble, but used cunning and wit to get her out of most situations. In fact, Violet could figure things out really well, it was one of her strong points. Also, Violet had many friends, and often times when she was young they would invite her over to play. Only the bravest friends though, would have her over for a sleepover, the rumers that her nightmares were so bad that you couldn't wake up scared them into keeping her away. But Violet didn't mind, she preffered to be alone at night anyway. Violets life-long dream had been to travel to canalave city, and to take a boat to new moon island. maybe there she would see darkrai. But she never got to. Now in the present day Violet is ready and waiting, and a new adventure is headed her way.

Pokemon Move- Dark Void

Other Random but On Topic Information:
This roleplay is rated pg12 because pg13 is overused XP
Also, side effects that come from being the pokemon you are can be used, such as shaymin/giratina being able to change forms and darkrai giving nightmares.