Thread: FireRed hack: [HotM September] Pokémon Eruption
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Quote originally posted by naoi.:
WHOO-HOO! A thread. :D

Great job on this, cooley~
I look forward to beta testing it and seeing more updates!

Good luck~

EDIT: Wow, it's been a while since I made the first post in a hack thread. XD

Yeah, it's finally out! And you'll be seeing a ALPHA soon.

Quote originally posted by alo123:
The screen shots look great playing as sliver
is a good idea cant wait for the release good luck
Thanks, I just have to insert the Overworlds
Quote originally posted by Atlus:
Yeah, I remember this! xD
The scripts I know are awesome, and all of the screenshots look amazing, too.

I dunno what more to say than: ..uhh.. I forgot..

Oh, yeah! Good luck~

Thank you!
Quote originally posted by viemortevolroc:
hey mate this looks brilliant! if you want a runner im glad to help just hit me up
are the beginners from johto?
You don't get to choose, but the starter:
is from Johto, if you wanted to know.

Quote originally posted by ~Watermelon:
Ths looks great!
I hope you fix these things from the old version:
- The Entei on te title screen
- New Entei walking sprites
- Routes actually connect to eachother

Good luck cooley!

Also, I'm not sure this looks right. :\

I am more experienced, than I was before, so if a problem occurs, i most likely can fix it.

What do you mean it doesn't look right?
Quote originally posted by XgamerX:
It seems great and the cyndaquil are cool.
Good luck.
Thanks, the Cyndaquil are MD sprites if you wanted to know :D
Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Hey this looks very cool I like those Cyndaquils :D
Ya must like them :D
Btw item in wall isn't very good thing to show :/
Thanks! And that pokeball(ITEM) is part of the event. Remember that I said that I will try to design them to look real, so that item is actually very small, so I didn't want it to be invisible to you