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Quote originally posted by Mewtew:
Im Pretty badly stuck here, could someone please help me...allow me to explain my problem...

I am hacking myself a new pokemon game and have just begun, im using my very basic scriting knowledge and using the latest version of xse. i made the player wake up at the start of the game in a cave just above an old lady but am having a few major problems, the first of which comes in advance map..
when i place a sprite of a person into the room it will not appear in the visual boy or have any action within it, even when a script has been applied, please give me some pointers for a possible fix
number 2 comes from xse and advance map i think, i mad a script to stop anyone leaving the room without first choosing 1 of 2 pokemon, you are ment to walk onto the script and be pushed 1 step back, with a message to appear saying , maby i should talk to the old lady first...
so i made a script which i will include...but when i attach to the script to a script tile in advance map and play the game, if i walk on the script tile before it has been bypassed by a flag the game freezes, alough the music still plays on a low quality please help and i hope i have not written waaaay to much

#Dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
checkflag 0x828
if 0x0 goto @hey!
if 0x1 goto @end
#org @hey!
msgbox @icant 0x6
applymovement 0xFF @back
waitmovement 0x0
#org @icant
= Maby I should talk with/nThe old lady first
#org @back
#raw 0x0D 0xFE
#org @end


Im not sure of your first problem but your second problem sound like you forgot to put the unknown numbers in.They're 0003 and 4050.They go in the first two boxes under the people number i think.
And If you only want the script to check if you got a pokemon or not, i think the one below is a litlle less complicated.But you need to make sure the numbers are in on the script tile.
Also,or you using xse?If not i suggest to switch to it,its very easy to pick up on and theres a great tutorial by diegoisawesome.
The script below is for xse.


#dynamic 0x

#org @start
checkflag 0x828
if 0x1 goto @done
msgbox @1 0x6
applymovement 0xFF @m1
waitmovement 0x0

#org @done

#org @1
= Maybe I should talk with the old\nlady first...

#org @m1
#raw 0x11
#raw 0xFE

I laugh looking at this.

But sometimes I want to come back to it...