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Quote originally posted by mrhiyuck:
Oh that got it working. Thank you so much!

You're welcome.

Quote originally posted by PlatniumPiano:
I'm redesining the script for my first Pokemon in my hack... The problem is when the flag has been set. If the flag is not set, the script works fine, but when the flag is set, it automatically goes to the script in which it was not set.

Is this because the flag was set on a different map? Or something else (yes I set person id to 950)?

Yes, that's the problem. You can't use a flag for different things. Use another flag.

Quote originally posted by Xatoku:
I've asked this before but nobody's answered so here it is again,

In this script everything works 100% except that after the trainerbattle, sprite 0x5 on the screen changes colour. Could somebody tell me the proper settings I should give the sprite?

Instead of asking again (which isn't allowed at all), why don't you post your current settings?

Quote originally posted by StrickeN:
I am having trouble with the script for applying a movement.


I don't know the script I'm new to applymovement and I REALLy don't know what to put here, I have googled a LOT so i just took a screen cap and hope it works.

I basically need to make oak stop me from going wilderness (indicated by black dots) and make me go to his house. The reason this is difficult is... I moved his house :/


Please help. Thank you

There are tutorials about how to make movements, so just check them out.

Quote originally posted by PI Hudson:
The special used is 0xEA(#234). It is used quite repetitively in this script, but it is the only one in the place checked.
I know the special command calls a 'special event'.
Is there a way to view this 'special event' and see how it works, edit it and such, or make a ASM code based off of it?
I'm still trying to learn ASM so this might be helpful to me to view this kind of stuff.

I've seen many specials there, actually: 0x28 0x29 0x60 0xEA 0xF5 0xF8. So you should make sure what is used for what. Besides, I think you need something to check if a Pokémon is holding a particular item, right? In that case those special(s) probably won't help since they're only used to check if a Pokémon is not holding any items, as far as I understood.