Thread: FireRed hack: [HotM September] Pokémon Eruption
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Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
The project is very interesting I like the history and of its development
but I think on the new tiles, my new improved tiles
they would be better I will show a mapeado, for you to see as they would be the combination of the tiles, with improvements in some tiles and palletas, mainly of the tree main of the project that now have a palleta much better than it combines with the soil and the mountain a worked better well.
I think would be still better the hack if you are used those.

I'd be glad to use them Are they the same palettes as before?
Originally Posted by Munchlax™ View Post
Ah so you've made the thread while i was asleep, huh?
Anyway it looks really good!
I'm playing it when it's realeased, because i haven't seen the other route scripts.
Anyway the NEW tiles look cool Wesley, i think Cooley will use them.
Yep, I will. And the Alpha should be lengthy enough for everyone to play. Also thanks!
Yep I will. Also, thanks!
Originally Posted by slicernicer View Post
from the screenshots, it looks like there's a man in your house who's your dad. But the thing is that Giovanni is silver's dad.
I know that, but I'm not making a Nintendo manga remake
But you just gave me an idea for a long-term event, wanna guess what