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Messenger Of Peace

Creator: PlatniumPiano
ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby AXVE
Language: English
Started: May 2009

Hack of the Week #68

Uh, I guess I get two
One on the left is Meggido's, and one on the right is destinedjagold's. Thanks to both of you guys, they look awesome (and samike and zanny, you guys won- er, tied- me these awards!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever published (somewhat...) hack, Pokémon- Messenger of Peace! This is a solo project, though I hope to receive help from other people willing to join the team (scroll down to Join the Team!) I am a beginning- intermediate scripter, with basic map- making skills and I also has real good speeling 'n grammarr. I've been at the PokéCommunity for a while now... first starting off with Rom-Hacking, then quickly switching to RP-ing and now back to Rom- Hacking. I hope to have many fond memories with this hack I am about to tackle, hopefully you will too.

As the name may or may not suggest, Pokémon MoP is basically one big quest to bring peace throughout the lands that you inhabit:

Ages ago, the people in the land of Valhalla lived in simple tranquility. All of the different races coexisted in harmony, helping each other out with day to day things, and all without the help of Pokémon. Yes this was a land where nobody had heard of these little creatures, and life seemed to prosper without them. Of course, in the great expanses of the land, there is bound to be a black sheep among the races. This black sheep was Makesh, a powerful wizard from his peoples cavern up in the icy mountains. He was always into searching for a greater power, and one day in his routine walks about the mountain, he chanced upon a wild Tauros. Needless to say, when he saw what the Tauros could do, he quickly brought it home to slay anybody who got in Makesh's way. The secret of Pokémon was not kept for long, however, and soon the many other races found Pokémon natives to their lands. Eventually, a great war broke out, which left many peoples fleeing for cover. In the end, Makesh was defeated, and sent back to his unknown mountain from which he came. The scars from the war, however, were not easily forgotten. Eons passed, and still fighting continued, if not on a war-scale. This prejudice lasted from generation to generation, with no hope of breaking this destructive cycle. All the while, Makesh's is slowly growing stronger, hoping to finish what he started...

Armed with your initial Ponyta and collected companions, your purpose is to rally the feuding races of the land in hopes of defeating Makesh once he makes his inevitable return.

Travel through the wide, grassy plains, the depths of the sea, the peaks of the highest mountains, and many more beautiful, fantasy-set lands in the world of Valhalla.

Meet fierce village champions, some of which may give you Pokémon to aid you on your quest…

I haz teh grammor and teh sp3lling lolz!!1!!!

Pokédex? Versus Seeker? No way- high tech gadgets will not be in this hack!

Some reworked Pokémon move sets.

After a certain point in the game you are allowed to ride your Ponyta, instead of your bicycle.

Gym leaders will be replaced with village champions, and the Elite Four will be the Four- (lulz! no spoilerz 4 u!!)

A whole new team and minions, that actually do evil things.

Items will be renamed into things more fitting

No catching Pokemon! You heard me, all Pokemon will be given to you (but you'll have to work really hard for some of them!)

Every Pokemon you get will have a stone evolution. But, you're not going to find the stones just lying around.

Screenshots (Updated):

Join the Team:
Though I am making this mainly a solo project, I am willing to enlist the help of a few PC members who feel they are adequate at their skill. I currently need a:


Overworld Spriter/Front and Back Spriter (Eh... Sprites were never my thing... Plus you get to do the hero sprite riding a horse!)

Tile Editor/Inseter: (I don't plan on using many tile changes, but if I feel the hack needs it, I will enlist your help.)

TITLESCREEN EDITOR: (Notice the Caps... this is something that is important.)

World Map Editor: (I fail at this…)

The form to apply is located below. Have fun you kids!


Name/Alias: So I know what to call you

Job you want: Obviously

Credentials: Any past projects I should know about. This ups your odds of getting picked

Also, feel free to include a snapshot or video of what you have done. Combine this with some good credentials, and you're almost guarenteed to get the job.

Pokémon: Messenger Of Peace Team:

Me: Lead Scripter, Mapper, Storyline
Samike360: Scripter
Jebees: A whole bunch of stuff, hopefully
Ruka Prince: Overworld editor

Progress (Last Updated 6/18/09):
Well, all of the bugs have been fixed (to my knowledge, at least), so this means I can get a move on to my first sea route. I plan to have a couple of routes done by the end of the week, and hope to start on a town next week. After that is a dungeon, then the third gym... Or maybe gym then dungeon.... I don't know. but just so you all know, after the third gym is complete, I can move onto the fourth gym, and after the fourth gym, you get to ride your Ponyta/Rapidash! (Provided, of course that I have somebody that is capable of editing the bike sprite to the hero riding a horse ) Progress is hopefully going to get a lot faster now that I fixed all the bugs that I know of... Who knows? I might have an alpha released by the end of the month! And the Overworlds are done now, thanks to Ruka Prince I hope to have screenies of them up soon.

Support Bars:

Made by GavZ

Made by Fail-Z

Made by Me

(Just remove the *'s when putting in your signatures)


Messed up tiles when you first appear in the game. (But only once. This probably won't get fixed until I can get a good bit of ASM working for me, or a truck remover)

Tools Used:
Advance Map Version 1.9.2
XSE Version 1.1.1
Overworld Editor- Rebirth Edition
Free Space Finder
Advance Trainer
YAPE (Yet Another Pokémon Editor)

Thank all of you for your tools; without them, this hack would not be possible!

HackMew (For his awesomely epic tools)
Seth-Kun & diegoisawesome (For helping me learn how to script through their tutorials)
Larsie13 & everybody at the Script Help Thread (For… you know… helping me script!)
Lu-ho (For A-map!)
Led Zeppelin (Needs no real explanation)

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