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Quote originally posted by clover_bookcat:
Ohh, okay, sorry. ;

Barghest? How do you pronounce that? Lol, but yeah, I'll be keeping Dark, at least for now. If it causes any more confusion then I'll change it.

But, um, to get back to the main topic...I think Darkrai's a good legendary, I mean it can create nightmares, for heaven's sake! Now that's a scary pokemon...Oh, and I like how they made Cresselia for that purpose, too. Having opposite counter parts is pretty cool, especially in pokemon.
No it's cool Don't worry
Ya i like that. Sinnoh has some great myths and story lines.
I love Canalave!
I'd like sinnoh a lot more if half its pokemon didn't suck!!
There was only a few dark pokemon made in it too... There should be more. Espcially primary dark pokemon like Umbreon and mightyena