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Hi there. I am a programmer and I was wondering if anyone has been able to figure out communication with the DS Pokemon games. I would like to create a system much like Pokemon Ranch ( and the upcoming Pokemon Walker ) that will allow someone to transfer their Pokemon to a Zune and play music games with it. It would be neat to bring your Pokemon with you on your mp3 player, train them away from your DS, and send them back to your cartridge. I essentially need some knowledge of the Pokemon DS software's communication specs. I am not a sufficient hacker so I have no idea how to go about finding this information. If anyone wants to help or can contribute some Pokemon Wi-fi information I would be very grateful.

I am thinking the way this would work is I would have to use the "Connect to Wii" main menu feature to get this to work seeing as how this is normally what you would do to send a Pokemon to the Pokemon Ranch.
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