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Originally Posted by GavZ View Post
Yeah sure no problem!
I was actually trying a different approach to a banner but i guess it's noot working out xD
So ya i'll get down to it in a couple hours i just woke up haha
Oh and i use the program Gimp. Funny name i know but it's like a free photoshop but not as good
Lol I have Gimp as well, but I never figured out how to use it. The only program I know how to make buttons with is Macromedia Fireworks lol but I don't have it anymore.

Take your time with the support bar, its better to have it done right than done fast :p

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
A really interesting Hack, but I think
that you should change the Ruby Tiles and improve your Maps.
Yeah, I figured that, and I'm no great block editor, the only thing I've done on my hack that's tile related is remove the trees, bridges, and bases from the Fortree houses.

I'm currently re-doing a good amount of my maps

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