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Quote originally posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL:
WOW, quite a lengthy post you got there, but yeah, special 2 does not really make anything in the game happen, but make a variable set to a number depending on what happens in the game... or what has already happened.

So I figured, yeah. Knowing that it does that, though, and knowing how to use that to get it to do what you want, are two different matters... Have you looked into 0xB4, by any chance, or so far am I the only one who's been crazy enough to study it in-depth? I'm hoping to figure out how exactly to get it to work--like, do you have to do setwildbattle beforehand and then use special 0x138, or can a simple wildbattle be used and still be functional with 0xB4? And what exactly do all those numbers mean--does a value of 0x1 mean that you caught the Pokémon; what do 0x4 and 0x5 do, maybe one means "ran from battle" and the other means "made the Pokémon faint"; and what is 0x7 and why is the Pokémon hidden if you faint in battle and get any result other than 0x7?

There's very few ROM hackers out there who I think might've done enough research into XSE to figure out this kind of stuff, one of whom is you, another of which is HackMew, and in the guide that comes with XSE HackMew doesn't discuss special2. There isn't nearly enough info about special2 available, is there...?

I can tell you've figured out how to use various special2s to create a daycare script. Do you know if the behaviors of any other special2s have been determined yet?


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