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Quote originally posted by pokerus34:
Username on PC: Pokerus34
Why You would like to join: My soul is as Dark as the Night Sky...
How Active will you be: I'll try...
What your partner is: Absol
His/her nickname(optional): Absolhea
Favourite Dark type attack: Pursuit


B...But i cant you're missing something!!

Quote originally posted by ShinjisLover:
Apparently, we have nine members, DE-chan.
Yeah we have 9 and one member pending approvel.

Okay New Announcement.
Seeing as in there are some people currently against the SG it wont be put up until we have btween 12 - 15 members.

Continue to think up ideas. It will benifet you if i use them
I do have plans for the SG.
Lets just say the loyal contributing members will benifet more!
There's gonna be prizes!! oOoOoooOoo Shiny! Murcrow Likes!!



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