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Quote originally posted by clover_bookcat:
Aarrrgh, so much going on while I can't get on my computer.! TT^TT

Okay, first things first...I wish we could have a SG, but if we have to wait, it's fine. Just as long as we get one. I like the RP idea between Dream and Bijou, but I've never done an RP before, so I'm not really sure how it works. ; Let us know once you get the details, please!

I like the new banners, GavZ. But I'm too lazy to change my current one. XP If it's not too much to ask...Could you have one which has Absol in it? Then I will definitely add it to my sig. XD

And about the partner idea...Idk, shadowampharos, but if the number is raised, people would just flock to the more popular Dark types, like Umbreon. Where's the originality in that?

And YAY!! I'm a Tamer now! XD

It might be a day or two xD
Waiting to get more members!
Remember guys the thread isn't evev 3 days old yet! well maybe... Not too sure xD
But you do realize the new banner has absol in it right?
Or did you want one with just Absol?
I can make you a personal one if you'd like?



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