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Basically I am speaking on behalf of the projects coder to show people what's coming in the future.

Almost all of the fan made games have the same thing in common. They all are based on the age old Pokemon formula.

I am sure you have asked yourself, what would a realistic battle system in a Pokemon game be like? Not like Colosseum, but live action and more skill based.

That's right, real time battles. Not only will this game have action in real time, but this will be a MMO.

Obviously we can't use things like RMXP, and making it browser based would be pointless. So it is being coded from scratch using Python (similar to Ruby). Since there is no backbone of code it will take a while to get a workable demo for everyone's use. However, starting from the ground up will allow freedom in every part of the development. As far as compatibility goes, Windows, Mac, and Linux will all be supported. It will also be available in French and English (separate servers and characters for each language).

Currently the game is set in an arena fashion where you will be able to create a trainer, pick a Pokemon, and do battle with others, leveling along the way. However, once the base code is fully laid out, we'll be able to expand the game just like a regular Pokemon game. Towns, adventure, quests, storyline, the works.

We have many things planned, and do not wish to spoil all the surprises and ideas at once. Eventually we'll reveal them as they get finished.

Right now the team basically consists of two people: The coder (Kamishi) who is basically doing all the tough stuff, and myself (I do various tasks to help out). Since it is a big project, we would appreciate any help that people can contribute.

- Right now we currently need content creators such as spriters, mappers, and artists. Even information gathering put in a specific format will help a lot. To be on the safe side of the rules, I have created a separate topic here for more specifics on what we need.

I guess our first surprise is a map editor. Here in a week or two we'll have a map editor ready in which people will create their maps. The map editor is proprietary so it will only be compatible with Eternity.

The map editor is a little different from what you may be use to. Although tiles are based on a grid like most map editors, the objects themselves are free. In other words, objects can be positioned by pixel or tile. It will only be available to those who wish to participate in this project. It may be released publicly later. It'll be a bit before we start putting everything together, so you'll have plenty of time to go crazy with your imagination.

Update: The map editor is currently being recoded for better functionality, will post an update as soon as it's done.

Anyways, if you have questions regarding this project or want to post your support, post here.

If you wish to help on this project, please message me. Could always use a hand.

Ingame with Pokemon!

Charmander Scratching and Charging.

Charmander Fire Wheel

Release 4 Pokemon. Pidgey Flies!

Solarbeam Concept!

Jump Arcanine!

Rattatta shoots bubbles! Lol

Example of beta Map Editor

KamiShi - Coder
Kyledove - Sinnoh Tileset