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Quote originally posted by pokestick:
Hi, me again!

I've ripped some (useful?) stuff from HGSSpics, hope u like it.
Now, there's a LOT where they came from, so I just might add some new stuff time to time... Or not, rip them yourself, IDK... Anyway, credit not needed, but would be nice.
They're in attachment...

Oh, BTW, check out my new sig! I don't know if this is too off-topic, but if it's possible to copy and paste, you can put it in your sig if you want, just credit me ! see, I made that a resource too! Not for hacking, but meh... If it is indeed too off-topic, then feel free to delete this part. Maybe I'll make a Ho-oh one too, just in case...
lol beat me to it...

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