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Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
I assume you mean for us to share opinions in this thread, since you left it unlocked, so...
That's what it's here for, yes.

I haven't been active in this particular forum's RP life for a while (and most of the ones I was in years back weren't very good xP), but I have dabbled in the "art" for years.

Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
From A, I think you should cap it at 2 or 3 RPs per person. 2 is my personal limit before I start going crazy, and from what I've seen, most people have their limits around 3. I second the one-month wait period before locking as well, because that will allow for the RP to start, develop, smooth over problems, and stabilize. A lot of people lock early because they face problems with plot/players when the RP starts, and lose the motivation to try and fix them. A month is a reasonable period to let them think the problems through without the knee-jerk "just give up" attitude.
Yep, I'm thinking 3 at the present time, and that's much the same way as I saw the problem as well.

Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
From B, I think the period should be measured from the time the RP actually begins, rather than from the first post. So, one or two weeks (I would say two, personally) after the first in-character post.
Yeah, I considered that, but then...that leaves any RPs that get started but don't manage to rack up the necessary members in a very awkward position. It's not something that happens a lot these days, but I'd rather not leave any loopholes for threads to slip down into. We'll, see though.

Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
2. Update of RPing guides and resources

This is something I also agree with. The current resources are helpful, but I think a lot of them could be reorganized, updated, and rewritten to be better. I think this should be a group effort, since people have different styles of writing and different interpretations of general RP knowlegde.
S'what I was trying to get at above, yes. Technically, I could take on the madman's task of writing a guide to cover everything, but I'd rather have a collaborative effort than just my own solo rant. So yes, it's definitely the more the merrier. ^^

Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
Another possibility would be like mini-guides, written on the same subject by several different people, offering their own unique views and help related to it. Something like these could be compiled into threads, with each post pertaining to a different topic. Something like this might be difficult to organize in terms of getting people to write them, however.
Yeah, that would call for some pretty intensive collaboration between authors, probably over PM/IM. It would be an interesting thing to have, but at the present I am shooting for getting all the topics covered adequately. But hey, if there are people feeling up for it, then by all means.

Quote originally posted by Deoxys55:
I'm glad you're loosening this because I've seen strict length rules ruin RPs before. Usually one-paragraph rules aren't that bad, but in some RPs, there are situations where there is really nothing much to say, and trying to fill it up with useless sentences just makes it look bad. You can only use the "he lookes around, sighed, and kicked his foot up" filler so many times.
Also, I have had problems with it in other RPs because I tend to write long sentences, and usually I can get what I want said in one or two and I'm stuck for the last few. I've seen other people with this problem as well.

I prefer a character/word limit to a sentence limit, like the one used on this forum, and I think you should continue it's use. Do you have a character/word limit on this board? I think you should have one, even if it's not that big, since that allows us long-winded people to post painlessly even if it's not a full paragraph.
The current limit is enforced by character count in comparsion to that of a pre-determined 'minimum paragraph' placed in the rules. So yes, it's done by character count. And yes, it's those 'nothing to say' situations that have prompted me to take a try at loosening this. No-one should be throwing in words just to make numbers. :\

Quote originally posted by The Gaurdian:
I have a "Story Writing Guide" from school that would help in the guides and another about Charater creation if it would help.
As stated, guides on all topics are helpful right now, so if there's anything you have done and are willing to contribute then PM it to me for...well, already covered that process in the first post, so I'll just refer to that instead of repeating myself. XD

Yeah, long story short: anyone is free to write a guide, but I'd like to go through them before any are posted in public view. We have had some bad guides in the past, and while seasoned roleplayers should be able to tell the difference, new ones might not, so I'd rather catch any possible misconceptions, oversights etc. early on.

Quote originally posted by . K i a r r a *:
Though I've yet to create a thread of my own here, I prefer the proposals in 'Limitation' rule A, rather than that in B, purely because a month can be a very long time when you're suddenly hit with inspiration for a RP, and have to wait because you've already got one going. :3
Well, there is nothing stopping a person from writing down their inspiration and working on the plot while they wait for that time to pass. ;D

That being said. Yes, I do know what you mean, and A does give a bit more leeway in that repsect, so duly noted.

Quote originally posted by . K i a r r a *:
I do like the idea of guides, and I agree with what Deoxys said- a group of people collaborating would be good, and I'm sure a variety of opinions/ experiences/ advice would be more useful to someone needing a guide than those of just one person. I'd also be happy to help with these- I've been doing this stuff for a long time, so there must be something I can pass on. XD
At the risk of repeating myself from above. Yes, I definitely agree that a wide range of perspectives on this is the ideal. Style is an essential part of roleplaying and there's no single 'right' or 'wrong' in style, so multiple people's views on it is what I'd like to see.

And yes, please do join in. At the risk of repeating myself incessantly, the more the merrier. ^^

Quote originally posted by . K i a r r a *:
Personally, I've never had a problem with writing less than a paragraph whilst being here, but there are times where you can only have a character converse/ react to a limited extent, and you have to prattle on about various other things that don't pertain to the current situation. Filler can be tiresome to write, too. :P
Hear hear. Filler is precisely what I want to get rid of here. The rule was originally instated at a point in time when your average post really was one, uninformative line, so it was definitely necessary then, but I am hoping that people who have gotten into the habit of writing respectable paragraphs won't sink back to that level at the first opportunity, so I am trying to get a best of both worlds here. People writing full-sized paragraphs where they are called for and shorter where shorter is enough.

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
Here is my thoughts. Can't say too much about #1 that hasn't been said.
Well, preferences in the form of restriction and such would still be appreciated. ;D

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
This is the one I agree with the most. Some of the resources, while helpful, could be made better, as well as a couple of new guides to help out some newcomers. However, not a lot of people read the rules and guides, well, not to my knowledge, but it would still be worth it to write up some new guides for the people who do. I'll be happy to help, but there's not much I can say that hasn't been said, unfortunately.
Aye, I'm aware that not everyone reads, but when there is so precious little to read, there's not much help for those who do read either and there's a problem that can definitely be fixed without wide-scale mind control.

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
I'm a little iffy on this one. While it allows for shorter posts, it can also backfire, if people just write one-liners, and SPAM posts. I know, it's still against the rules, but it can still happen, and it might. I'm not saying it didn't already, but it could be a little bit more of a problem, in my opinion.
Duly noted, and it was my biggest doubt in trying this, but...yeah, I think I'm going to try. As stated, it's an experiment; if we get wide-scale misbehaviors as a result, then I'll revert the rule to its previous standing. But I've always maintained that good behavior should be rewarded, and as stated, people have behaved well on that front lately. Hence, I'm willing to give them a chance to prove themselves further on this front. Unless we get enough wider scale objections to make me reconsider, of course.

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
4. Suggestions for new sticky threads and possible rule changes are now open

Well, I suppose this is neccessary, and I really can't say much about this, unfortunately.
Yeah, this is here is a 'just in case'. Like I said, it's a larger scale operation, and since I'm going through the trouble of bringing this to public debate, I'd rather not have people walk out feeling like they weren't allowed to give their full opinion.

Quote originally posted by Fan-E:
That said, I do agree with . K i a r r a * that a month for roleplay submission is overextended. While the reason is justified and rightly so, considering the number of pages the forum has with, let's face it, dead roleplays, maybe the submission limit could be shortened to a fortnightly basis? I know some people who have made and maintained more than one or two roleplays at the same time, so consideration could be given to those capable of doing so. Comparison can be drawn from their previous roleplay with the number of members still participating, posting consistency and the like and so on and so forth.
While I do see what you mean about the length, the second point I can't agree with. The one principle I'm not going to compromise in any part of my moderating is objectivity, so there will be no special snowflake allowances in any rule. Ever. It's either the same for everyone or not happening. Not only could RP allowances on a member basis be more than just a little unfair - and drama-inducing - the process of checking up on all these things and assessing them is a massive burden that I do not want.

So yeah, I'll consider shortening the time for option B, but limits are the same for all, myself included if it comes to that. Period.

Quote originally posted by Katachu:
It would be cool if we added a PC version of the "Mary Sue Litmus Test" as character creation guide.
Hmm...litmus tests are a bit short, so I'm not sure if I could place it at the same level as a guide. Then again, having something quick and light to confirm that you aren't doing things horribly wrong isn't necessarily a bad thing, and such a thing could be appendixed to the guide index without any greater troubles.

So yes, as a sub-section of the guide collection, I think I could accept test of this kind, though of course any copyright/linking restrictions on existing ones need to be abided by.

Quote originally posted by The Gaurdian:
should I start typing out a guide I have or should I just let it sit there? it is rather good and covers just about every thing, and includes many examples.
Yes, please PM that to me as soon as convenient. It's a big project, so the sooner we can get a start on it the better. <3

Quote originally posted by Mika:
^^; um um, maybe if we extended the rp discussion to include more than one section?

I'd be more than willing to help with like a character creation hotline. ^^ submit your character profiles etc to a team of experts and have it reviewed and de-stu-i-fied?
I'm a bit divided on this. While yes, personal help is good, I can't say I'm too wild about the 'team of experts' bit. As stated above, I'd like to keep any official matters as impartial as possible, and me sitting down to decide who is fit to advice and who isn't would go rather heavily against that. I suppose a general 'character discussion' thread could be justified, but if so anyone should be free to comment rather than a select elite. Good advice should be distinguishable from bad by the post.

Quote originally posted by Mika:
I also think a guide on how to enlarge posts without being a redundant monkey would be a good idea as well. Prehaps you could split it up further, request certain types of guides at one point and compile them into something eloquent? For instance, request all guide ideas for character creation help one week and the next, guides on plotlines and how to develop them etc.
As stated, all guides are welcome, and this is a topic I've been working on myself. (albeit horrendously slowly, I admit) So yes, I agree, kind of says so in the first post already. XD As for the guide, if such is in order, I'd rather have the individual authors settle that amongst themselves. As stated, collaborative guides are awesome, but they do call for even more work than regular ones, so I'm keeping that open as a 'if anyone is feeling up for it' option at this point.

Quote originally posted by Mika:
Also, a pet peeve...

it'd be really lovely if we could have an etiquette guide. For rps. That includes what is proper and what is not proper in regards to dealing with conflicts and drama within the ranks of an rp. v-v I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing people treat rp masters like dirt if they don't let them into a roleplay or argue with them after the point when they have no business arguing with them.
Again, something I'm keeping as a work in progress, and again, an idea that I support. But yes, even topics not directly about the writing itself fall under the scope of things that a comprehensive selection of RP guides should include.

And yes, as a reminder since several people seem hesitant on this point: you do not need special permission to write a guide. I just want to see them before they are posted in the section. ^^

Anyway, thanks for the input everyone, and please keep it coming, even if it feels like you're just repeating what others have already said. On matters such as the choice in restriction rules, quantity of for and against matters too.

UPDATE: Opening post has been updated with the suggestions thus far. Read 'em and weep.
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