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1. Introduction
2. Storyline
3. Scripting Language
4. Open Jobs/Sign-ups
5. Screenshots
6. Pokémon
8. Video

1. A brief introduction:

I'm making a game. It was going to be Pokémon Amethyst, but that name is so common it will likely be changed to Pokémon Opal. This game will be a Pokemon game, of course, and it will be composed of mostly fanmade Pokemon, or otherwise called Fakemon. I may get these Pokemon from any fans, but I would best like it to be that I have at least 5 designers working on the dex. I want to reach at least 100 fan-made Pokemon. So far, only about 14 have been made by me, and the starter sprites will be made soon.

2. Storyline:
Welcome to the Region of Hiatu, where great stories are told over time.

map by .:freshX:.

You are a young child, selectable as either a girl or a boy, who always dreamed of solving all Pokemon Mysteries to help the Pokemon world be more understandable. One day, after a myth of 2 mysteriously appearing Pokemon begins to spread, you are visited by a young proffesor. This proffessor's name is Taho, and he is looking for a willing Pokemon Trainer who can help solve the mystery. There is a knock on your front door one morning. You now you are not supposed to open the door to strangers, but since your mother isn't there, you open it. The proffessor, though, is not pleased to find that you are not a trainer and leaves, saying "oops, sorry about that!"

You stand at the door, confused, and see your neighborhood friend running to your door. They seem to be in a happy mood. Your old friend is much older than you, and they are your idol. This idol walks up to you, saying, "That proffesor wants me to do an experiment for him! Can you believe that?! I'm gonna be able to solve tons of mysteries. This might just carve out the rest of my Pokemon Career!"

You are angry at this quote because you, too, wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, but apparently did not seem worthy enough. Your rival pauses, then says, "Lemme guess, you want to be a Pokemon Trainer just like me, right?"

So your rival runs off, pulling back the proffesor.
Your rival says, "Proffessor Taho, my friend has always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. [Trainer Name] has always been looking forward to it... Can you please give [Trainer Name] a chance?"

The Proffessor takes you to his lab. "Choose a Pokemon," he says. He allows you to pick up one of the three Pokéballs: one green, one red, one blue, containing three Pokémon.

When you choose one, he asks you to make a promise and a choice. "If this is what you really want, then you can choose."

From there, it's your choice. Will the mystery of the skies and depths be solved?

Ehe, sorry that was so lengthy.

3. Scripting Language
Right now I am using RPG Maker XP, and I am scripting in RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System), language. I downloaded pokestarter, so most of the advanced scripting is done. I just need a good scriptor to work with the language to help out the battle process.

Yes, we are using Poccil and Flameguru's Starter Kit!

4. Open Jobs
So, I need alot of people to help out! This is the type of crew I need:

Pokémon Designers
Move Animators
Music Writers/Mixers
Pokemon Cry Creators

I'm also scripting, designing and even spriting. I'm not the best, and I don't want to make 150 sprites, so it'd be great to have some other spriters!

I also need some Designers to help me fill the dex. If I don't then I can't create battles on the maps. :'(

I will also need some scriptors willing to work on the battle script, the one I have is fom pokestarter and it's not too good(but I can't do better, heh).
I would like it to have a D/P style battle script, including the buttons. I can easily make the scripting on the maps and all...

I'm also okay with making the maps, myself! But it'd be great for someone with better mapping skills to do so. XD

I also need ALOT of Move Animators. People who can create bitmaps for the moves and animate them with Pokestarter's Edit tool.

Music Writers would be great, I would like some original music. Though I can always get older music, but original is always better!

I really need some Pokemon Cry Creators, because the game will mostly be fakemon and I don't want to be using real Pokemon cries for fake Pokemon!

To sign up, please read and make sure you are eligible by reading the information below:

  • Intermediate Art Skills, which consist of:
    • Shading
    • Shining
    • Proportions/Guidelines
      • Intermediate Anatomy Skills
  • 2 pieces of work, both qualifying, MUST be shown
  • These 2 pieces cannot be work off another Pokemon, they must be ideas made purely from your mind and YOURS ONLY!
  • If you are signing up to be a designer, you will need to know how to make images, not counting as sprites, without the help of someone else.
    • You should also know how to save in common and good formats such as .PNG, which is the recommended format.
SO THAT EVERYONE KNOWS, you're not allowed to accept members to the team unless your actually one of the people who does that job ON MY TEAM(so you can't accept a designer unless you are one) and they all have to be checked by me, so that I know about it and I'm ok with it. Sorry if this sounds bossy, it's just that I don't want a newbie spriter coming along to ask for feedback and having someone say "great you're on the team!" when i never approved of it. Because, after that I'd have to PM the person and say that they're not.
And that'd be really hurtful.

But, if someone shows you their work and you think they should be on the team, you can tell me whenever, through a PM.

If you are interested, keep reading, more information follows!!

5a. Screenshots

An awesome Menu coded by carmaniac.. a battle system being worked on.

Just showing off an example of new items(yes, obvious grammar error is obvious).. And I caught Cyanary.

My Mimibud later evolved! The awesome sprite is by Domin, who is a bit too busy to help out right now!

The screen really be 2x the size, 480x320,(when photobucket finally updates and notices the size changes..), but there are options that let you change the size. All screens are pictures that do not represent finished work, it's all still under construction!!

Anyway, I think that's all. I am currently accepting staff and will be posting that up in the Recruitment Forum again! Thank you! Don't be shy to ask questions or leave me a message.

6. Pokémon
Pokémon marked with a * are not yet in the Pokédex.
Pokémon marked with a ^ do not yet have an official art/design.


001 Mimibud
002 Tulup
003 Mayribon
004 Flareleo
005 Kindleo
006 Emane
007 Boatt
008 Bosail
009 Bowhydro
010 Cyanary
011 Cyazure
012 Azurine
013 Razoraus
014 Draglant
015 Sugursa
016 Abnol
017 Absol
018 Ablun ^
019 Leteeper
020 Suieeper
021 Gurolt
022 Guthun
023 Gupano
024 Pupplush
025 Voodog
026 Creedil
027 Roasaurius
028 Gattomier
029 Churisuto *
030 Hikasuto *
031 Kuraisuto *
032 Ninjunny *
033 Keromow *
034 Teakamow *
035 Weremow *
036 Yenica *
037 Lynexia *
038 Bushy Tail Pokémon *
039 Bushy Tail Pokémon2 *
040 Seta *
041 Zoul *
042 Peabud *
043 Peabloom*
044 Pealower*
045 Puppy Pokémon *
046 Hunting Pokémon *
047 Cumufeli *
048 Venomonus *
049 Extlanxi *
050 Extchego *
051 Extdentum
052 Sheeba
053 Goaba
054 Llaba
055 Flant
056 Flameen
057 Flantiment
058 Pre-evoHearth
059 EvoHearth
060 Hearth
061 PoisonDragon
062 Bitran
063 Gibyt
064 Aquaub
065 Aquear
066 Vulcier
067 Vuleeze
068 Kitark
069 Shocorro
070 Thundroka
071 Thundrev
072 Floatern
073 Ringull
074 Seagale
075 Terymph
076 Teralate
077 Regolupe

7. Features
The feature's scripts are exclusive to hideAki games only!

Amity Square (To be Renamed)
Pics coming soon. Scripting/programming in progress!

Berry Bakery
The berry Bakery will be just like Poffins. Though, the way of cooking it is yet to be decided.. It will be composed of recipes that can be bought, won, or found! There may not be many recipes, but I will try as hard as I can to make it great! The Berry Bakery is only to be used in hideAki games. So, no one else can use the script of it! These pastries or treats made in the Berry Bakery can be fed to Pokémon for special effects. Maybe there will be a recipe just like a Rare Candy..? Or maybe one just like an Elixir..? Wait and see!

Item Pot
Actually, there was a word for this, and Freak A thought it up.. but I forgot what it was! XD
Here you can mix items to create new ones. Maybe two potions for a hyper potion.. Or maybe a Fire Orb and a Stone to make a Fire Stone?
This idea isn't really passed yet, I'm not sure whether or not to let it through. What do you think?!

Stay tuned and don't be scared to share ideas with us!

8. Video

♥ Links
HiatuWiki (HQ of Fakemon)
My DeviantART (For new fakemon FAST)

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