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A few things:
1.looks great, but the name is similar to the new md game "pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of the sky"
2.well if yape doesn't work, you could always use the pokedex editor that comes with elite map (although it is very old, and hard to get working, so hard that there was even a tut someone made just explaining how to get it started)

3.for a lugia/ho-oh event, you could have it so someone's collecting the trio (birds for lugia, dogs for ho-oh) and you try to stop them, and fail each time until you get to lugia/ho-oh and after both birds are rescued, a while goes by before they are captured by the same group that was after them earlier (but until now it seemed like the people that went after them were just collectors) and they want all three birds (lugia/ho-oh/a fakemon) to awaken an ancient pokemon with the power to send the world into another ice age, and the only way to stop it is to reawaken regice, and free articuno and suicune and when you do, you find out that regice and arcticuno weren't always the ice type, and the reason suicune is still a water type is that it died in the fire that burned the tower in johto, and was revived back into it's original type.

4.sorry 3 was so long...
5.good luck on this hack.
6.I was loving the screen shots until the last one. I'm not a big fan of any ds style tiles.
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