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Originally Posted by sha742 View Post
I can sprite, just tell me what you need.

The alt. colored clone Pokemon should be fun.
Got anything to show? We mainly need tilers right now...

Here's an update of some of the tiles I made.

Door in the lobby leading to Mewtwo's Lair:

Stairs from Docks to Lobby:

Also, a new update. 10 lucky people will be winning a contest on this game.

These 10 people will be in the game, in the Old Shore Wharf Ferry House, during the scene where its raining out and the ferry gets cancelled.


Every participant must submit their own Overworld Sprite sheet, FRLG styled, in a PNG format, layed out like the example below:

Each person will have to say something to the player about being stuck there, or something along those lines. Saying something including a username isn't allowed, nor talking about being in a game. It'd have to be something realistic that you'd say if you were in that situation.

The deadline is JULY 10TH.

All submissions will be judged by myself and a friend.

Here's your shot to be in Mewtwo Strikes Back!