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Quote originally posted by Meowth:
First post: Looks awesome!

good storyline, too.

Sending OW through MSN.
Quote originally posted by jquad_666:
the story seems interesting
Quote originally posted by ryushin5:
This looks very good, I like the tiles you are using can't wait to see more.
WesleyFG's Marnian Tiles. You could use them if you look at his tiles thread.
Quote originally posted by Sheogorath:
Frozen Flame... That sounds like something from the game Chrono Cross... Oh well, the game seems good to me! Good luck with it!
Shhh... nobody knows this.
Quote originally posted by megiddo:
There are grammatical errors, but not bad. Why are you using Professor Oak and Team Rocket? Why are there only 386 pokemon?
Im not adding Diamond and Pearl Pokemon. And Prof. Oak is temporary. Team Rocket is here due to Johto is so close by to this Region.
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