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The Crossroads of Destiny
By: Redemption


This is my second fic here in PC. It's a bit lengthy from that of the original version... And yes, it's actually a revamp from a plot a friend of mine had me look over four years ago. I found it within the deepest abyss of an old USB and I decided to revise it. There was nothing at first, but as I changed most of its contents, it started to have a future.

I would gladly accept positive or negative feedback (& as I mentioned on the Announcement thread, please be constructive.)

Without any further ado, I present you my story:

Summary: Hoenn was caught in a dark conspiracy involving the downfall of the Republic. The administration was thrown in chaos, with the greatest political figure murdered... The evil organization wielding this threat started with the Champion's assassination. He couldn't help but think: retribution or sacrifice?

:The true road to destiny is often the hardest one to take:



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