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Originally Posted by ShinyBlaziken View Post
I wanted to make a Script but it failed xD
Here's my Script

#dynamic 0x8001F6

#org @start
msgbox @speak 0x2
applymovement 0x4 @move
waitmovement 0x0

#org @speak
= [blue_fr]LINDSAY: Hi, this is my farm.\nI've got a lot of Pokemon here\pMy favorite is...\n[black_fr]JOHN: Lindsay!\pDon't say any other word!/n[blue_fr]LINDSAY: Oh..., Gotta go!

#org @move
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x20
#raw 0x0
#raw 0xFE

The person should talk to me and then go 4 steps right and face down and then disappear.
But everytime I'm talking to the person the message "This tree looks like it can be CUT down" appears

What's wrong in my Script??
Hmm. I'm thinking that it may be overwritten by the cut script, like the bytes got intermingled somehow... Try recompiling the script with some more free space, see if that works?

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