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Quote originally posted by JohnPaulJones:
Hmm. I'm thinking that it may be overwritten by the cut script, like the bytes got intermingled somehow... Try recompiling the script with some more free space, see if that works?
No that's not the problem.. He/she's using XSE, and the CUT script is nowhere near the offset he used. He/she probably just forgot to change the script offset of the person. This happens when you change a person's sprite instead of making a new one :p

Quote originally posted by jonek06:
Call me a noob but what is the script to cut trees? I have only just started scripting. Thanks

Directly from the Script Dumps:

'Person #2
#org 0x1BDF13
special 0x187
compare LASTRESULT 0x2
if 0x1 goto 0x81A7AE0
checkflag 0x821
if 0x0 goto 0x81BDF87
checkattack 0xF
compare LASTRESULT 0x6
if 0x1 goto 0x81BDF87
setanimation 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferpokemon2 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferattack 0x1 0xF
msgbox 0x81BDF94 '"This tree looks like it can be CUT\..."
callstd 0x5
compare LASTRESULT 0x0
if 0x1 goto 0x81BDF91
msgbox 0x81BDFD7 '"[buffer1] used [buffer2]!"
callstd 0x4
doanimation 0x2
goto 0x81BDF76

'----------------------- #org 0x1A7AE0 release end

'----------------------- #org 0x1BDF87 msgbox 0x81BDFE3 '"This tree looks like it can be CUT\..." callstd 0x3 releaseall end

'----------------------- #org 0x1BDF91 closeonkeypress releaseall end

'----------------------- #org 0x1BDF76 applymovement LASTTALKED 0x81BDF85 waitmovement 0x0 hidesprite LASTTALKED releaseall end

'----------- ' Movements '----------- #org 0x1BDF85 #raw 69 'mov69 #raw FE 'End of Movements

'--------- ' Strings '--------- #org 0x1BDF94 = This tree looks like it can be CUT\ndown!\pWould you like to CUT it?

#org 0x1BDFD7 = [buffer1] used [buffer2]!

#org 0x1BDFE3 = This tree looks like it can be CUT\ndown!