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Originally Posted by Samike360 View Post
Any script activated at the begging of the player entering a map is a level script.
I tried deleting the OAK script, if I delete it, I can never receive the Pokémon at the lab. If I delete the script, I have to add an event that will allow me to get a Pokémon (if OAK isn't in the lab, I can't take a Pokémon, OAK must be there). How do I do to create a script that will enable me to take one Pokémon?

Sorry for all the problems I've been having recently

EDIT: I tried a level script, but it doesn't work the way it should. The rival doesn't appear, only it's textbox (but the battle still occures). I need a script that makes him move right in front of me, talk, battle, talk and leaves (becomes hidden). Dang nothing goes as planned.

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