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Quote originally posted by Surf:
Uh, this isn't a hack
It's a game.

It doesn't really matter, haha.

Since my game is pretty much out-righted destroyed. I decided after a few days to revise the current storyline to bend in with my game.

All I can say is. He goes into the woods to another town and is saved by Mewtwo. Basically the Player sneaks inside a Team Rocket Lab and steal the cloned Charmander rather than getting it from Oak. You don't start in Olivine City. I
m very sorry about this. I'll let you access Johto after you beat the game. It isn't over yet. There are lot's of events ahead! First off is I'm going to spoil an event. Mewtwo(Mine) vs Mewtwo(Meowth's M.S.B. Version). Alright. Mewtwo #1 is a good person and starts out nice rather than exploding and killing Fuji and his assistants. MSB Mewtwo is drifted by space and time. We blame Dialga and Palkia. Now they eventually both meet and fight. My mewtwo is only battling to find whats his purpose and Meowth's Mewtwo is just protecting himself.

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