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Well I guess I have a simple question, but it's kind of long...

I have a trainer in unLZ. Steven's sprite, to be exact. So I went to import my newly indexed .png file, a steven-ish sprite with a green shirt. I clicked export pallete, and all of the other boxes. No problems, the sprite was editied... However, I go to the previous trainer sprite in the list... and I get this:


A gentlemen Trainer Sprite with the same pallete as the New stevens'. Not only that, but all of the other trainers before Steven now have a dumb- looking palette in unlZ- all of them have pallete 1039. Now, when I fight a gentleman in the game... He looks normal. He has a totally different pallete than what shows up in unLZ. Sure, this is confusing, but what's more so is that (the new) Steven's in-game sprite now has a discolored palette. However, in unLZ, it looks fine. Also, in every trainer editor I open... all trainer palettes, except Steven's, look normal.

My question is- How can I fix Steven's Palette in game, and the other trainer palettes in unLZ? Is my ROM screwed up? Will I be able to not edit any more trainers? Did I miss something important?

This is quite an important question, seeing as I need to edit the majority of trainers for my hack.

Thank you in advance

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