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Originally Posted by Ray Maverick View Post
Did you read what i wrote just two posts up from here?I learned scripting,i can do very long scripts now.I don't edit scripts now.I create them from the scratch.Why?How?I looked all the other commands,i learned their actions,etc,and now i'm using them.
While that may be true, do you really know every use of every command?

Just because you can start off this way, doesn't mean it'll always yield scripters who can create scripts from scratch. While it may have led to you being able to create them from scratch, does it work that way for everyone?

I'm not trying to insult or criticize you as a person, I'm just saying that even though editing scripts can get you started, you'd have to learn all the commands yourself, and figure out every use for yourself. It's much easier on a hacker if he uses a tutorial that teaches him the coding, not just "edit this" and you get a new "this".