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Quote originally posted by wolfy:
im using advance map with my friend were making a hack and such , but were having a problem

henever we try make a sprite, it stays in the corner on the "0" sprite.
it dosnt change even if i apply a script or not, and i made all the vars the same as another character and it still didnt work
Any ideas?

Go on events, click on your 0 sprite (left click) and change de picture no. And if you want to move it, you have to click, hold and place it somewhere else.

To answer HackMew, I'm gonna try in a few seconds, I'll edit my post for results.

EDIT: Should I take a stable version or a beta (the beta is the latest release)?
EDIT2: The beta makes it work fine. Thanks
EDIT3: After I enter a name, the sprite becomes screwy, why?