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Hack name: Pokemon Gaiden Hack of: FireRed, heavily customized. Additional information about the hack: Set in the future of Pokemon world, the people of the Earth have learned to further harness the power of Pokemon. Private governments have settled within the regions of the world, organized teams that are the controllers of the people of Earth. The Pokemon League has been reduced to a select few of corrupt trainers, their position gained by wealth and power. Team Rocket was just the beginning... Genetic manipulation of Pokemon went further than Mewtwo as they searched for the "Creator Gene" of all Pokemon, to answer the question... What separates Pokemon and Humans? And if Pokemon have ultimate creators, what created us? An underground group of rebels have made progress in restoring order to the land, lead by Professor Gary Oak and a series of legendary trainers, but their selection for recruitment is low. Propaganda within popular media has turned the popular eye toward the destructive governments of the world. They are taking the power of Pokemon in their own hands. Slowly killing the Earth and everything in it. ---- Pokemon Gaiden is set in the future, focused on explaining deeper thoughts of the Pokemon world, using everything we know about Pokemon through Platinum. As the story progresses you will be able to travel back in time. ...actually- a little too far. Imagine Pokemon/Chrono-Cross. Ancient Pokemon sprawled across the land. What will be the fate of time? And will Human's desire for answers consume everything? Finished percentage: Proof of Concept; Gathering Materials; Concept Art/Script; Concept Sprites Your hacking skills: Naught. What help or skill you're looking for: Extensive Help. Constructive Learning. Sprite Editing. Mechanics / Idea Discussions. Additional contact information: AZZORI0101 on AIM Additional information: Deep and developed idea.