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Hack name: Poke`mon Diamond Crystals

Hack of: Firered (usa) version

Additional information about the hack: It is simple. turn firered into as close of a clone to diamond version as possible.

Finished percentage: 27% (still gotta loop the music to be 30% complete)

Your hacking skills: Pro music hacker, simple scripting, map creating

What help or skill you're looking for: Sprite inserting, Map creating/inserting, advanced scripts.

Additional contact information: [email protected] im also usually in the romhack pokecommunity javachat around 10:30 pm central time. the current time as im typing this is 10:59 pm central

Additional information:im willing to put my music hacking skills to the test for you. ask Aceangel. i helped him. however, music alone wont get me very far....
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