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Oh, the wolf in sheep's clothing comes, trying to attack me. Well allow me to counter you.

if my club is failing so miserably why did u have to double post?
Because double-posting doesn't mean a club is failing. In this case, you're just trying to find any reason to make the BMB look bad. I always bump the topic when it gets to the second or third page. Every club has days of inactivity, you've been here long enough to realize that.

seems like hardly any1 even bothers to come here if thats the case, but maybe im wrong.
We wouldn't have almost 1200 posts if nobody came here.

get overyourself, i didnt hold the grude, you did, so stop talking about me in ur clubs before i report you.
You come really close to making your club sounding like an anti-club, especially after your little birthday temper tantrum. It seems awfully suspicious that the club came so quickly afterward. You have no reason to report me, if I suspect your club to be an anti-club, I can't help that.

and it was spamming to accuse me as if im not allowed to make my own clubs up.
You sound like someone from SPPF talking about spam that way. As I said, your club seemed suspicious. You do have the right to make your own clubs, but the entire Misty-bashing thing so close after the aforementioned tantrum really makes it sound like you're just doing this to get back at us.

dont ever let me catch u talking bad about me or my club. it insults me, the club, and any1 participation in my club, as if the have bad taste. you need to realzie what you r doing is wrong.
You stay out of our club, we stay out of yours. I wonder why you were even in the BMB to begin with, if you supposedly hate Misty that much. All of us here find that just a bit odd. I never said anything about anyone else in your club, I was only talking about you. I have nothing against May fans, and I've said that multiple times in the past. But people who go out of their way to try and attack us, even if in an indirect manner, I don't tolerate. Now just calm down and get back to whatever it was you were doing. I don't want to start anything, I'm not like that.