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Okay, I’m here with a review!

Now, I don’t usually like reading Pokemon fanfics (don’t know why), but I found myself really enjoying how Lileep sees the world it was brought into. I thought how you described the humans without just saying ‘arms and legs’ really clever and creative. I’m also really curious at the contents of ‘The Pact’ and how Lileep will finally discover it.

The one thing that threw me was Lileep using Energy Ball (since they learn it at level 50), but then I realized Lileep was fighting in the war between Kyogre and Groudon so it would probably be at a pretty high level or something like that.

Though, the one thing that bothers me is Lileep living in water and being under Kyogre’s rule. Lileep is a rock / grass type, so wouldn’t it be more suited for a land environment?

Anyways, I quite enjoyed your story and hope you’ll write more soon. Keep up the good work!
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