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Quote originally posted by onyx79:
well I have an mp3 file that I want to put in my game,however I can't find a progrm that will convert it to MIDI,someone can suggest me a usefull program?

Converting a .wav file to a MIDI is hard enough. Converting a MP3 file is ever harder. Avoid such conversions anyway, as they're not worth the effort. You will experience enough problem to make your .mid file play the right way in the game. Just get the MIDI version of the song.

Quote originally posted by The blob of blobs:
would ANYONE know the table offset for pokecries in FireRed or Leafgreen?!?!?!
It's kinda crucial for sinnoh pokemon and all

It's kinda crucial that you learn to find things yourself, sometimes. The table offset for FireRed US v1.0 is 0x48C914.