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Originally Posted by onyx79 View Post
wow! music hacking is preety easy! however I inserted a music and I saw this messeage:

also why is converting mp3 to midi is hard?,I mean I used to convert WMV to AVI or MPG and stuff like that and it was easy,however the only related programs I find for this are programs the converts midi to mp3 and I need to oposit thing -____-
Can you read the message? :P
You're missing that file. It comes with MID2AGB, so don't ask it.

Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
It's because a MIDI file stores notes played by instruments, while a MP3 file stores the actual sound wave. If you know how an instrument sounds, it's easy to convert the notes into a sound wave. However, good luck figuring out which notes are played on which instruments from a sound wave...
Not to say MP3 files are compressed sound vawes. So the conversion is going to be even less successfull.