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Quote originally posted by Doom Chaos:
I tried editing the rival's intro sprite, but it becomes a screwy palette if I give him a custom name (the first time he looks fine, after I give him a custom name), the shading of the red becomes green (which looks horrible) and the skin becomes blue and white. I used BLUE's face colours, but it doesn't work for crap. Help!! :S

How did you edit it, exactly?

Quote originally posted by The blob of blobs:
Thank you hackmew, i would like to learn how to find these things but i don't know where to begin. maybe if i understood asm more (at all), it would be easier, but for me it's very challenging.
Would you have a website with some tuts for me to learn how to find these sort of things for myself?
If posting answer to that is against this thread rules just pm me if ya could.

Stay tuned on my Knowledge thread.