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Quote originally posted by Doom Chaos:
Tried it. I tried it in two ways (probably not the right ones).
1- I take my original rival sprite and convert it in 16-bit with Irfanview. I take the 16-bit sprite and paste it on the BLUE sprite. Results: Same problem as before.
2- I paste my original rival sprite on the BLUE sprite. I save and convert it in 16-bit with Irfanview. Results: Worse than before. All the colours are screwed up. None match and there is no transparency.

What did I do wrong?
Fact is you're pasting your sprite over another. Don't do that.

Quote originally posted by Xatoku:
Is there a way to search for specific scripts? Like say I want to change the surf script to make it so that you need waterfall to surf instead, how would I go about finding it? Is there any program in which I could type "would you like to use SURF?" find the text, and then find the whole script offset?
You just need to find the text. Any hex editor that support tables will do.