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It helps being on the "inside" when it comes to this story... because Cynthia is of course "borrowed" from me.
XD It kinda does. (Up to the point that I think our fics are AU of each other...) And believe me, you'll be even more on the 'inside' during the epilogue and the next parts. ;-)
I enjoyed this chapter, even if there was not too much Cynthia.
*hides* I don't even know when Cynthia appears again...oh, wait, screw that. Beginning of the next chapter. =3
And there will be again much of her darkness. ^.~ In every sense of the word.
It's pretty clear now that Lance wanted to give the egg to Cynthia but couldn't, the question is, if he wanted to in the first place, why would it be considered stealing if Cynthia had J retrieve it for her? Or did Lance have no control over his mind when he thought about giving over the egg?
....uh, oh....
I'm sorry to say this, Wyyrlokk, but CPF discovered something we talked about some time ago. You remember the three inconsistences I told you about? Well, CPF just found one of them (and he was faster than you!XD)
Yes, CPF, this is a semi-important plot point. Cynthia has a reason for her actions. ^.~ And it wil be revealed, if I'm not mistaken, next chapter. ;-) (And, surprise, surprise, not even by Cynthia herself...;-) )
Either way, it seems to me that if Cynthia wanted to, she could take over the Indigo League right now because Lance is so helpless.
Yes, Lance is helpless (completely helpless, but again, next chapter you'll see), but she does not want to take over the Indigo League. She wants revenge. ;-)
And poor Lucian... out of the picture...
I know he is shafted...sue me!XD


Cynthia's plan becomes uncovered to the reader
Not the whole ofher plan or else it would become boring, don't you agree? ;-)
Will turns out to be a child of the lower grades of society (It was obvious to me after he spoke to the gang child and Lucians words about the high ancestry of the other elite trainers, but now it was affirmed. xD
Ah, come on, it was not that obvious. >> Okay, we can agree that we all knew by now that something was wrong with his past, but it was not affirmed that he came from a poor family. He could simply have been a criminal or working for TR or something entirly different. ;-) (And heck, I told you he's kinda a street child, so don't think you're Mr. Holmes!XD)
Sadly, she doesn't get the coherence between the boy robbing the Pokemon Center and Will yet.
Hm, does she? ;-) And second...Bender is a common name in their world (made that up, but hey, my fic). It's as if you read here "The son of a Georg Schmidt..." That doesn't tell you much. And even if your best friend is called Schmidt, would you immideately make a connection? Of course, for a reader, that's easy, because, come on, it has to be a hint, doesn't it? But for a character in the fic, there are hundreds of guys calles Bender and all of them could be meant.

Now, let's hope that Zammy beta-reads faster and I finally find the point where I can split up chapter7, otherwise, you'll have nothing to read after the next chapter. >.<

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