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Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
Okay, I suppose you're right. I'll post here how to repoint, but I'll also say it on the first post.

When you click Write to ROM, make sure that you've checked 'Auto Abort if new data is bigger' and 'Export Image'. If a little box pops up saying: 'Compressed size is [HEX NUMBER]. Which is too big. Aborting.' Take note of the HEX number. Now, open up Free Space Finder, and load your ROM. You'll find in the corner two little boxes, one entitled HEX, and the other DEC. In the HEX box, type in the little number that appeard on unLZ GBA. Another number will appear in the DEC box. Copy that number and paste it in the Bytes Needed part. Click Search and copy the offset that appears. Return to unLZ GBA again and, when you are writing to the ROM, type in 00[OFFSET] in the box entitled Image Offset. Click OK and hope for the best.

I'm not 100% sure if this works, but I've seen it elsewhere and it's worked so far. Please tell me if it doesn't work!
I don't know if you understood exactly, but that's not what HackMew and sab meant (unless you agreed with them and then just randomly told us how to repoint, which makes no sense at all. :/). They meant that they were using different key configurations on their computers besides the default (Z=A, X=B etc.). As an example, they could have had A=A and S=B, so a hack that tells them to press Z to talk to people just wouldn't make sense, now wouldn't it?

Of course, if you understood that beforehand and was just randomly stating how to repoint, then I apologize. ;3

Also, I liked the rest of it. ^^
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