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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
I see... could you at least make a tutorial how ya did it?
It'd be extra helpful
And great new update! Keep it up
well, it's the same way when you change Pokemon Sprites....
Quote originally posted by Munchlax™:
This looks awesome!:D
But you got to get better at mapping, then this hack will be amazing!
Good luck!
i know, it looks empty but i will try to make it better.
Quote originally posted by Colorful Summer:
Look. It's like editing normal tilemaps. That's how I edited the Psychic/Confusion/Dream Eater attack background.
oh yes :D
Quote originally posted by loitraitim:

May be we'll insert new tile and somemore tile by HG/SS/D/P/P and R/S !
And to 1234...

"Mặc dù chưa hiểu cụ thể về Minigame này lắm nhưng có điều là các items xuất hiện trong mini-g này gồm item nào, hôm trước quên hỏi !"

Gut luck
Max Revive, Revive, Heart Scale, Nugget... (and i don't want to tell you all things about its )

Quote originally posted by Biggee30:
Man this hack looks so awesome can't wait to try the beta. Good luck with it!

We are working with graphics and tiles.. :\
And here is 1/10 (i think so) of a new idea - Pokemon Festival or .... (after you have experienced many events with Legendary Pokemon and Team Aqua, Magma, you may need to relax.. :D)
Note: this is a small thing i want to share with you, isn't a update or a map and it will look different in the future.

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