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UPDATE:I finished the Ghost of Maiden's Peak event, so I'm on to Bye Bye Butterfree.

Quote originally posted by shrey2008:
Very good . This hack is looking to be better than Kanto or Ash's Quest . Keep up the great work .

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Amazing Metapod. Could ya post some screenies?
I'm trying to decide if it's better to just post text updates, so that when the game is played it's not all old hat and there can be some surprises about how things happen, etc. That's why I haven't posted any more screenshots. But maybe I'll post some more ...

Quote originally posted by ~BZuma:
hello this looks good cant wait to play :D

Quote originally posted by Ruka Prince:
So only 6 episodes left, huh? I guess finishing them won't take a long time. Well, I hope to see screenies soon. Gl on this!
Yep, I'm working on it when I can and I hope to have the first beta pretty soon.
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