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Oh wow, I've never read a fic like this before. I was wondering how it got 5 stars so quickly but now I'm looking for something higher than 5.

I suppose that this kind of writing isn't easily understood by young ones so it wouldn't make good light reading material. Still, wow, I'm going to be looking out for more!

Wait, almost forgot, a review. Since Citrinin basically covered my appreciation let me do the criticism. *cringe*

subsist in peace: but also local and migrating Pokémon have
Should be 'subsist in peace: but also, local and migrating Pokémon have'

There was also the frequent use of the colon which I must say should be at least demoted to a semi-colon instead. Because it doesn't fit in this context and is rarely used in writing fanfiction.

Other than that and a few spacing errors, your fic rocks.
This was the first time I used Microsoft Word to review someone elses fic so I found out some interesting things such as

On the Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, your fic can be easily understood by tenth and eighth graders but is harder for anyone lower.
Same goes for Flesch reading ease.
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