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Semi Closed Til Further Notice

Hello all, I have some very saddening news, today I was cloning for some one and when I went to load my game it was corrupted, I tried every thing possible to get my shiny saved game back with no luck, I am asking for any one that I have traded with, cloned or given to help a pokegamer out this time, here is what I am looking for: All shinys lost exactly as I had them, meaning level, nature, moves, IV's, regions etc., I can't offer much at this time, all I can trade for the lost ones are pokes from Rt.2, no scatterbugs of course, but if any one has traded with me please look through the list to see which you can offer, the ones that have been gotten back will have a above it if it's been returned and no longer needed.

You know don't know if I told any one this before, but my diamond game had all of my collected shinys on it, my boy deleted it some how way back years ago, when that happened I was crushed, but then I told my self "you'll get them all back", well after about a month with only maybe a box back I said "**** this", I went to smogon and looked up the RNG guide and then started getting all of my own shinys, it took about a year to breed and catch but I did it, all of my 4th and 5th gen. shinys are mine with one of my OT's and ID's, I was so proud, I was going to do the same with this game but decided against it since I have many more friends here than I did back then and I love all of the help all of you here are giving me. I can't thank all of you enough!

Well after much thought I have decided to do it again, post #9 will reflect will reflect what I ave gotten, please bear with me while I do this, but still will be around to help all when ever I can.

I do appreciate every ones help in my time of need, ~RNC~


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