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If my pokes do not have my OT on it, they have all been hack check by my checkers listed below!!

This Section MUST Be Read Or You Will Be Ignored!!
Also, I Will NOT Give You My Fc!!
They Are ALL Posted In My Sig, So DON'T Even Ask "What Fc?"

1. No hacks I Check All Of My Pokes (When Possible)

2. Be patient

3. I only trade event for an event I don't have, and the same with my ev'd pokes!!

4. My fc's are in my sig, don't even ask for any of them!!

5. If any one finds that any of my pokes are hacks, please notify me instantly,
so that I may release them and take them off my list.
People are SOOOO cruel to do this and take the fun out of collecting pokes!!

6. Absolutely No Eggs On Any Trades!!

7. If you don't read the rules, you will also be ignored, so don't ask
"Why did you skip over me, or any thing of that nature!!

8. Do not PM or VM with trade offers, this is irritating and aggravating!!
And I Will Ignore You!!

9. Be nice, that will get you further than being mean, ungrateful and rude to me!!

10. I Will Not Wait In WiFi For More Than 5 Minutes!!
If Your Not There, I'm Moving On!!

11. I Don't Mind PMS, So You Better Not Either, I have It All The Time!!

12. Do Not Be Disrespectful, No Cursing Please!!

Last, but not least, DO NOT try and rush me, DO NOT be rude
I will ignore your post if you do.

If You See Me Trying To Make A Trade With Some One
Please Wait To Post Yours Please!!

15. I Do NOT List The IV's Of My Pokes, But If You Want To Know, Ask And I Can Check For You.

One Last Note, I Clone My Pokes, So, If You Don't Want A Clone
Don't Ask To Trade With Me!!

~Sorry, Rules For My Shiny's Please!!~
#1 I only have 1 rule and it's I only trade for shinys I do not already have.

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