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Trophy Case

Trophy Case X #1 Box 31


Intimidate | Adamant
31 | 31 | 31 | 23| 31 | 31
156 HP | 104 Atk | 100 Def | 150 Speed
Dragon Dance | Waterfall | Earthquake | Bounce
Available at: Level 100 EV'd | Fully Redis
Notes: This is Bozo's shiny Gyarados, TRUTH, who was hatched in the days before the RNG was
cracked. If you receive her in a trade, you may trade her to other people under the conditions
that: 1) Her nickname TRUTH is unaltered - this pokemon is TRUTH - if you want a flawless shiny
Gyarados without a nickname, you will need to get it from somewhere else; and 2) this whole description
is copied into your thread (if you are offering it there). If you receive her in a trade, please post in
Bozo's thread to say you have her (even if you don't plan on trading her to anyone). Watch her hatch!

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