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Shiny Pokémon on Y (Kalos Only)
Kalos For Kalos Only!!

Box Numbers
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Box 1

Honedge lv1 Adamant, No Guard (F) 6 IV
Honedge lv1 Brave, No Guard (M) 5 IV
Honedge lv1 Quiet, No Guard (F) (JPN) 1 IV

Aegislash lv69 Bold, Stance Change (M) 1 IV

Diggersby lv51 Adamant, Huge Power (F) 5 IV

Barbaracle lv55 Jolly, Tough Claws (M) 5 IV

Trevenant lv1 Careful, Harvest (F) 6 IV
Trevenant lv1 Careful, Harvest (F) 5 IV
Trevenant lv53 Careful, Harvest (M) 5 IV
Trevenant lv64 Impish, Harvest (M) 6 IV

Hawlucha lv1 Adamant, Unburden (F) 5 IV
Hawlucha lv70 Adamant, Unburden (M) 5 IV

Clauncher lv25 Timid, Mega Launcher (F) 1 IV

Clawitzer lv37 Bold, Mega Launcher (M) 1 IV

Inkay lv1 Adamant, Contrary (M) 6 IV

Malamar lv51 Adamant, Contrary (M) 6 IV

Bergmite lv1 Relaxed, Ice Body (M) 4 IV

Avalugg lv45 Bashful, Own Tempo (F) (JPN) 2 IV

Sylveon lv34 Mild, Cute Charm (F) 1 IV
Sylveon lv50 Modest, Pixilate (M) (SPA) 5 IV
Sylveon lv51 Modest, Pixilate (M) (JPN) 6 IV
Sylveon lv54 Timid, Pixilate (M) 5 IV

Espurr lv1 Modest, Keen Eye (M) 5 IV

Meowstic lv34 Quirky, Infiltrator (M) 2 IV

Scatterbug lv1 Timid, Compound Eyes (F) 5 IV

Spewpa lv9 Modest, Shed Skin (M) 5 IV

Vivillon lv12 Timid, Compound Eyes (F) 5 IV
Vivillon lv25 Timid, Compound Eyes (F) 5 IV

Klefki lv30 Quirky, Prankster (M) 2 IV
Klefki lv100 Timid, Prankster (F) (JPN) 2 IV

Box 2

Chespin lv1 Impish, Bullet Proof (M) 6 IV

Chesnaught lv41 Impish, Overgrow (M) 2 IV
Chesnaught lv41 Hasty, Overgrow (F) (ITA) 2 IV

Fletchling lv1 Adamant, Gale Wings (F) 5 IV

Fletchinder lv30 Impish, Flame Body (F) 2 IV

Talonflame lv51 Adamant, Gale Wings (F) 5 IV

Pumpkaboo lv1 Adamant, Frisk (M) 1 IV

Gourgeist lv30 Quiet, Insomnia (F) 2 IV
Gourgeist lv50 Impish, Frisk (F) 5 IV

Skiddo lv10 Docile, Sap Sipper (M) 1 IV

Gogoat lv59 Brave, Sap Sipper (F) 2 IV
Gogoat lv89 Adamant, Sap Sipper (M) 5 IV

Spritzee lv1 Bold, Healer (M) 2 IV
Spritzee lv31 Adamant Aroma Veil (F) 2 IV

Aromatisse lv30 Relaxed, Healer (M) 3 IV

Litleo lv1 Timid, Moxie (M) 5 IV

Pyroar lv30 Adamant, Unnerve (F) 2 IV
Pyroar lv30 Hardy, Moxie (F) 2 IV

Noibat lv26 Modest, Frisk (M) 5 IV

Noivern lv66 Timid, Infiltrator (M) 6 IV
Noivern lv100 Hasty, Infiltrator(M) 2 IV

Helioptile lv1 Modest, Dry Skin (M) (SPA) 5 IV
Helioptile lv1 Timid, Solar Power (F) 6 IV
Helioptile lv30 Brave, Sand Veil (M) 2 IV

Froakie lv1 Naive, Protean (M) 6 IV
Froakie lv10 Docile, Torrent (M) 1 IV

Frogadier lv30 Lonely, Torrent (M) 2 IV

Greninji lv50 Timid, Protean (M) 5 IV
Greninji lv59 Modest, Protean (M) 4 IV
Greninji lv61 Hasty, Protean (M) 6 IV

Box 3

Swirlix lv1 Naughty, Unburden (F) 6 IV

Slupuff lv29 Naughty, Unburden (F) 6 IV

Skrelp lv25 Calm, Poison Touch (F) 1 IV

Dragalge lv35 Modest, Poison Touch (M) 1 IV

Florges lv30 Quirky, Flower Veil (F) 2 IV
Florges lv100 Quiet, Flower Veil (F) 2 IV

Dedenne lv35 Hasty, Plus (M) 2 IV

Tyrunt lv1 Naughty, Strong Jaw (M) 1 IV
Tyrunt lv1 Adamant, Strong Jaw (M) 5 IV
Tyrunt lv20 Rash, Strong Jaw (M) 1 IV

Tyrantrum lv40 Adamant, Strong Jaw (M) 5 IV
Tyrantrum lv50 Jolly, Strong Jaw (M) 1 IV

Goomy lv1 Sassy, Hydration (M) 5 IV
Goomy lv16 Bold, Sap Sipper (M) 5 IV

Sliggoo lv40 Sassy, Gooey (F) 3 IV

Goodra lv57 Modest, Gooey (M) 6 IV

Carbink lv1 Impish, Sturdy (KOR) 6 IV
Carbink lv100 Relaxed, Clear Body 1 IV

Amaura lv1 Modest, Refrigerate (M) 6 IV

Aurorus lv62 Modest, Refrigerate (F) 6 IV

Fennekin lv1 Modest, Magician (M) 6 IV
Fennekin lv1 Gentle, Magician (M) 1 IV

Delphox lv55 Modest, Magician (M) 6 IV

Pancham lv1 Jolly, Iron Fist (M) 5 IV

Furfrou lv57 Brave, Fur Coat (M) 2 IV

Hawlucha lv42 Adamant Unburden (F) 5 IV

Aegislash lv83 Brave Stance Change (M) 5 IV

Sylveon lv50 Modest, Pixilate (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Meowstic lv26 Relaxed, Keen Eye (M) 1 IV

Flabebe lv1 Calm, Flower Veil (F)

Box 4

Skiddo lv1 Careful, Sap Sipper (M)

Gogoat lv47 Timid, Sap Sipper (M)

Florges lv100 Bold, Flower Veil (F)

Dedenne lv1 Timid, Cheek Pouch (F)

Box 5
Saving for later

Box 6

Corphish lv25 Rash, Hyper Cutter (M) (GER) 2 IV

Crawdaunt lv30 Mild, Hyper Cutter (F) 1 IV

Octillery lv30 Modest, Moody (F) 2 IV
Octillery lv35 Relaxed, Suction Cups (F) (FRE) 2 IV
Octillery lv36 Rash, Suction Cups (M) 1 IV

Qwilfish lv1 Timid, Poison Point (F) 4 IV

Magikarp lv15 Mild, Swift Swim (M) 3 IV

Gyarados lv92 Calm, Intimidate (M) 1 IV

Corsola lv30 Naive, Regenerator (F) 2 IV
Corsola lv35 Naive, Natural Cure (F) 1 IV
Corsola lv53 Naughty, Hustle (F) (SPA) 1 IV

Carvanha lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost (F) 5 IV

Lanturn lv35 Rash, Illuminate (F) 1 IV

Psyduck lv21 Lonely, Damp (F) 1 IV

Feebas lv1 Bold, Oblivious (F) (ITA) 5 IV

Simipour lv50 Relaxed, Torrent (M) 2 IV

Kingler lv31 Quirky, Hyper Cutter (F) 2 IV

Relicanth lv35 Lonely, Swift Swim (M) (FRE) 1 IV

Remoraid lv25 Bold, Sniper (F) 2 IV

Mudkip lv1 Sassy, Torrent (M) 1 IV

Barboach lv35 Calm, Oblivious (F) 1 IV

Shellder lv1 Adamant, Skill Link (F) 6 IV

Pelipper lv25 Docile, Keen Eye (M) 1 IV

Azumarill lv56 Adamant, Huge Power (F) (ITA) 4 IV

Squirtle lv1 Modest, Rain Dish (M) 5 IV

Blastoise lv44 Gentle, Rain Dish (M) 3 IV
Blastoise lv56 Modest, Rain Dish (M) 5 IV

Piplup lv1 Modest, Torrent (M) 5 IV

Starmie lv53 Timid, Natural Cure 5 IV

Seaking lv33 Lax, Water Veil (M) 1 IV

Box 7

Luvdisc lv15 Gentle, Swift Swim (M) 1 IV
Luvdisc lv15 Timid, Swift Swim (M) 1 IV

Dratini lv1 Adamant, Marvel Scale (M) 5 IV

Poliwag lv1 Modest, Swift Swim (M) 6 IV

Poliwrath lv50 Lonely, Damp (F) 1 IV

Politoed lv50 Relaxed, Water Absorb (M) (JPN) 1 IV

Horsea lv25 Calm, Swift Swim (M) 1 IV
Horsea lv25 Careful, Sniper (M) 1 IV

Seadra lv32 Jolly, Poison Point (M) 1 IV

Slowpoke lv21 Bold, Regenerator (M) 5 IV

Slowbro lv53 Relaxed, Own Tempo (M) 1 IV
Slowbro lv53 Bold, Regenerator (F) 4 IV

Chimchar lv1 Hasty, Iron Fist (M) 5 IV

Houndour lv1 Timid, Flash Fire (M) (ITA) 5 IV

Houndoom lv32 Timid, Early Bird (M) 5 IV
Houndoom lv100 Timid, Flash Fire (F) 6 IV

Magby lv1 Modest, Flame Body (M) 5 IV

Magmar lv30 Relaxed, Flame Body (F) 2 IV

Numel lv1 Careful, Simple (F) 2 IV

Camerupt lv30 Timid, Solid Rock (M) 2 IV

Vulpix lv1 Timid, Drought (F) 6 IV

Ninetales lv31 Timid, Drought (F) 6 IV

Ponyta lv1 Jolly, Flame Fire (F) 5 IV
Ponyta lv1 Jolly, Flame Body (F) 5 IV

Charmander lv1 Timid, Solar Power (M) 6 IV
Charmander lv1 Timid, Solar Power (M) 5 IV
Charmander lv1 Docile, Blaze (M) 6 IV

Charmeleon lv30 Sassy, Blaze (M) 3 IV

Charizard lv50 Mild, Blaze (M) 1 IV
Charizard lv100 Modest, Solar Power (M) 6 IV

Box 8

Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost (M) 5 IV
Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost (M) 6 IV
Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost (M) 5 IV

Litwick lv1 Modest, Flame Body (M) 5 IV
Litwick lv1 Modest, Infiltrator (M) 6 IV

Lampent lv30 Hasty, Flame Body (M) 3 IV

Volcarona lv96 Timid, Flame Body (M) 5 IV

Cyndaquil lv1 Timid, Blaze (M) 5 IV

Ninetales lv50 Modest, Drought (F) 6 IV

Elekid lv1 Adamant, Static (M) 6 IV
Elekid lv1 Quiet, Vital Spirit (M) 1 IV

Electivire lv50 Adamant, Motor Drive (M) 6 IV

Cottonee lv1 Calm, Prankster (F) 5 IV

Whimsicott lv32 Bold, Prankster (M) 5 IV

Snivy lv1 Timid, Overgrow (M) 5 IV

Hoppip lv1 Timid, Chlorophyll (F) (KOR) 3 IV

Weepinbell lv24 Serious, Chlorophyll (F) 1 IV

Vileplume lv61 Lonely, Chlorophyll (M) 1 IV

Breloom lv63 Adamant, Technician (M) 5 IV

Roserade lv1 Modest, Natural Cure (F) 5 IV

Bulbasaur lv1 Modest, Chlorophyll (M) 3 IV

Venusaur lv41 Modest, Chlorophyll (M) 3 IV
Venusuar lv92 Modest, Chlorophyll (M) 5 IV

Ludicolo lv71 Modest, Rain Dish (F) 5 IV

Turtwig lv25 Adamant, Overgrow (M) 5 IV

Chikorita lv1 Calm, Overgrow (F) 5 IV

Sunflora lv30 Docile, Solar Power (M) 2 IV

Snover lv1 Brave, Snow Warning (M) 5 IV

Foongus lv18 Bold, Effect Spore (M) 1 IV

Swadloon lv30 Naughty, Chlorophyll (F) 3 IV

Box 9

Eevee lv1 Calm, Run Away (F) 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Modest, Anticipation (M) (SPA) 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Bold, Anticipation (M) 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Careful, Adaptability (M) 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Timid, Anticipation (M) 3 IV

Porygon2 lv1 Bold, Trace 5 IV

Smeargle lv30 Jolly, Technician (F) 6 IV
Smeargle lv59 Jolly, Own Tempo (M) 5 IV

Exploud lv40 Impish, Soundproof (F) (SPA) 1 IV
Exploud lv72 Naive, Soundproof (M) (JPN) 1 IV

Chansey lv1 Calm, Serene Grace (F) 5 IV
Chansey lv1 Brave, Serene Grace (F) 3 IV

Buneary lv1 Adamant, Klutz (M) 5 IV

Aipom lv1 Jolly, Run Away (M) 5 IV
Aipom lv1 Jolly, Run Away (M) 4 IV

Ditto lv87 Jolly, Limber (JPN) 6 IV

Spinda lv26 Docile, Own Tempo (F) 1 IV

Tauros lv30 Calm, Intimidate (M) 2 IV

Minccino lv30 Quiet, Cute Charm (F) 2 IV

Kangaskhan lv51 Jolly, Scrappy (F) 5 IV

Girafarig lv100 Serious, Inner Focus (M) 4 IV

Miltank lv14 Bold, Scrappy (F) (FRE) 1 IV
Miltank lv27 Naughty, Thick Fat (F) 1 IV

Snorlax lv1 Careful, Thick Fat (M) 5 IV

Togepi lv30 Lax, Hustle (M) (GER) 3 IV
Togepi lv1 Calm, Serene Grace (M) 5 IV

Ralts lv1 Jolly, Trace (M) 6 IV
Ralts lv1 Modest, Telepathy (F) 5 IV

Kirlia lv30 Relaxed, Telepathy (M) 2 IV

Gallade lv39 Timid, Steadfast (M) (JPN) 5 IV

Box 10

Koffing lv1 Bold, Levitate (F) 6 IV

Cleffa lv1 Bashful, Friend Guard (F) 6 IV

Jigglypuff lv48 Adamant, Cute Charm (M) 1 IV

Mawile lv30 Rash, Sheer Force (F) 2 IV
Mawile lv30 Bold, Hyper Cutter (M) NN: Jak 2 IV

Gorebyss lv35 Rash, Swift Swim (F) 1 IV

Swinub lv15 Adamant, Thick Fat (F) 5 IV

Mamoswine lv100 Adamant, Thick Fat (F) 5 IV

Dewgong lv30 Brave, Ice Body (M) 3 IV

Delibird lv30 Hardy, Insomnia (F) 2 IV

Beartic lv30 Timid, Snow Cloak (F) (JPN) 2 IV

Froslass lv52 Timid, Cursed Body (F) 5 IV

Vanillite lv20 Naive, Ice Body (M) 1 IV

Snorunt lv30 Impish, Moody (F) 2 IV
Snorunt lv30 Naive, Inner Focus (F) 2 IV

Solosis lv1 Quiet, Magic Guard (M) 5 IV

Reuniclus lv100 Bold, Regenerator (F) 2 IV

Gengar lv53 Calm, Levitate (M) 6 IV

Taillow lv1 Jolly, Guts (M) 5 IV

Swablu lv1 Jolly, Natural Cure (M) 5 IV

Pidgey lv1 Jolly, Tangled Feet (F) 5 IV

Noctowl lv50 Lax, Insomnia (F) 1 IV

Staraptor lv60 Jolly, Reckless (M) 5 IV

Dodrio lv31 Mild, Tangled Feet (F) 2 IV

Magnemite lv1 Modest, Magnet Pull 3 IV

Ferrothorn lv65 Relaxed, Iron Barbs (M) 4 IV

Manectric lv52 Timid, Lightning Rod (M) (KOR) 4 IV

Lucario lv100 Adamant, Inner Focus (M) 5 IV
Lucario lv100 Adamant, Steadfast (M) 5 IV

Donphan lv34 Hardy, Sturdy (M) 2 IV

Box 11

Rotom lv1 Timid, Levitate (SPA) 5 IV

Rotom lv50 Bold, Levitate 5 IV

Mareep lv1 Modest, Static (M) 5 IV
Mareep lv1 Quiet, Static (F) 3 IV

Ampharos lv31Sassy, Static (M) 2 IV

Luxray lv54 Adamant, Intimidate (M) 5 IV

Jumpluff lv31 Quiet, Chlorophyll (M) 1 IV

Joltik lv1 Timid, Compound Eyes (M) 6 IV

Galvantula lv65 Timid, Compound Eyes (M) 6 IV

Muk lv30 Impish, Poison Touch (M) 2 IV

Meditite lv1 Adamant, Pure Power (F) 5 IV

Medicham lv50 Adamant, Pure Power (F) 5 IV

Conkeldurr lv58 Adamant, Sheer Force (F) 1 IV
Conkeldurr lv59 Bashful, Sheer Force (M) 1 IV

Chingling lv21 Jolly, Levitate (F) 3 IV

Combee lv30 Gentle, Honey Gather (M) 2 IV

Drilbur lv1 Careful, Sand Rush (F) 5 IV

Excadrill lv59 Adamant, Mold Breaker (F) 5 IV

Deino lv30 Modest, Hustle (F) 6 IV
Deino lv1 Modest, Hustle (F) 5 IV
Deino lv1 Timid, Hustle (M) 5 IV

Tyrogue lv1 Jolly, Steadfast (M) 5 IV

Hitmonlee lv40 Brave, Unburden (M) 3 IV

Golem lv57 Rash, Rock Head (M) 1 IV

Murkrow lv18 Quirky, Super Luck (M) 2 IV

Mandibuzz lv54 Bold, Overcoat (F) 5 IV

Heracross lv1 Adamant, Moxie (M) 5 IV

Metagross lv56 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV
Metagross lv60 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV

Garbodor lv30 Lax, Weak Armor (M) 2 IV

Box 12

Snubbull lv30 Hasty, Rattled (F) 2 IV

Aron lv1 Adamant, Sturdy (M) 5 IV

Aerodactyl lv25 Adamant, Rock Head (M) 5 IV

Gible lv1 Jolly, Sand Veil (M) 5 IV

Machop lv1 Adamant, No Guard (M) (KOR) 5 IV

Gulpin lv5 Lax, Sticky Hold (M) 1 IV

Archen lv27 Jolly, Defeatist (M) 6 IV
Archen lv1 Adamant, Defeatist (M) 5 IV

Croagunk lv14 Lax, Anticipation (F) 1 IV

Yanmega lv38 Hasty, Tinted Lens (M) 1 IV

Haxorus lv76 Adamant, Mold Breaker (M) 5 IV

Geodude lv28 Naughty, Sturdy (F) 1 IV

Gligar lv1 Impish, Immunity (M) 5 IV

Absol lv74 Adamant, Super Luck (F) 6 IV

Cranidos lv1 Adamant, Mold Breaker (M) 5 IV

Nidoking lv24 Timid, Sheer Force (M) 5 IV

Kabuto lv1 Adamant, Battle Armor (M) 5 IV

Beldum lv1 Adamant, Clear Body 5 IV

Golurk lv60 Adamant, Iron Fist 4 IV

Gothitelle lv50 Careful, Competitive (F) 1 IV

Flygon lv49 Bold, Levitate (M) 1 IV

Banette lv46 Adamant, Frisk (M) 6 IV

Pineco lv1 Relaxed, Sturdy (M) 5 IV

Drowzee lv30 Rash, Insomnia(F) 3 IV

Yamask lv1 Bold, Mummy (M) (SPA) 5 IV

Scyther lv15 Adamant, Swarm (F) 5 IV

Shuckle lv49 Impish, Contrary (M) 5 IV

Scizor lv1 Adamant, Technician (F) 5 IV
Scizor lv91 Adamant, Technician (F) 5 IV

Weavile lv6 Adamant, Pressure (M) 5 IV

Box 13

Sableye lv1 Impish, Prankster (M) 2 IV
Sableye lv30 Rash, Stall (F) (SPA) 2 IV
Sableye lv53 Careful, Prankster (F) 5 IV

Tepig lv1 Mild, Blaze (M) 2 IV

Sigilyph lv30 Serious, Tinted Lens (F) 2 IV

Bisharp lv100 Jolly, Defiant (F) (JPN) 5 IV

Pichu lv1 Calm, Static (F) 1 IV

Venipede lv1 Jolly, Speed Boost (F) 6 IV

Tyranitar lv100 Adamant, Sand Stream (M) 6 IV

Milotic lv1 Quiet, Competitive (F) 1 IV

Mightyena lv42 Adamant, Moxie (F) 5 IV

Natu lv1 Bold, Magic Bounce (M) 5 IV

Misdreavus lv1 Timid, Levitate (M) 5 IV

Zorua lv1 Naive, Illusion (M) 6 IV

Koffing lv1 Bold, Levitate (M) NN: Smogon (GER) 5 IV

Gastly lv1 Timid, Levitate (M) (ITA) 5 IV

Beldum lv1 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV

Steelix lv30 Timid, Sturdy (M) 3 IV

Bagon lv1 Relaxed, Rock Head (M) 5 IV
Bagon lv1 Jolly, Sheer Force (M) 6 IV
Bagon lv14 Adamant, Sheer Force (M) 6 IV

Larvitar lv1 Sassy, Guts (F) 6 IV
Larvitar lv1 Adamant, Guts (F) 5 IV

Pupitar lv30 Relaxed, Shed Skin (F) 2 IV

Gulpin lv1 Brave, Sticky Hold (F) 1 IV

Durant lv44 Hasty, Swarm (M) 1 IV

Skorupi lv1 Jolly, Sniper (M) 5 IV

Druddigon lv58 Lonely, Rough Skin (F) (KOR) 1 IV

Hydreigon lv75 Modest, Levitate (F) 6 IV

Alakazam lv75 Modest, Magic Guard (M) (SPA) 6 IV

Box 14

Poochyena lv1 Jolly, Run Away (F) (KOR) 5 IV

Scrafty lv51 Careful, Intimidate (M) 5 IV

Sandile lv1 Jolly, Moxie (F) (SPA) 6 IV

Zubat lv1 Jolly, Infiltrator (F) 5 IV

Gliscor lv90 Impish, Poison Heal (F) 5 IV

Gengar lv64 Timid, Levitate (M) 5 IV

Sneasel lv1 Jolly, Pickpocket (M) 5 IV

Espeon lv50 Modest, Magic Bounce (M) (SPA) 5 IV

Pawniard lv1 Adamant, Defiant (F) 5 IV

Duskull lv1 Careful, Levitate (F) 6 IV

Shuppet lv16 Adamant, Frisk (M) 6 IV

Volbeat lv30 Naughty, Swarm (M) (JPN) 3 IV

Riolu lv23 Adamant, Steadfast (M) 6 IV

Zoroark lv60 Timid, Illusion (M) 5 IV

Forretress lv100 Relaxed, Sturdy (F) 4 IV

Hydreigon lv68 Timid, Levitate (M) 6 IV

Spheal lv1 Adamant, Thick Fat (F) 6 IV

Murkrow lv1 Adamant, Prankster (F) 6 IV

Altaria lv38 Impish, Natural Cure (M) 1 IV

Treecko lv1 Timid, Unburden (M) 5 IV

Swampert lv100 Adamant, Torrent (M) (GER) 6 IV

Mime Jr. lv11 Careful, Filter (M) (GER) 3 IV

Nidoking lv61 Jolly, Sheer Force (M) 6 IV

Taillow lv9 Timid, Guts (M) 1 IV

Milotic lv50 Calm, Marvel Scale (M) 5 IV

Sceptile lv74 Modest, Overgrow (M) 5 IV

Blaziken lv100 Jolly, Speed Boost (M) 4 IV

Miltank lv1 Jolly, Scrappy (F) 5 IV

Tangela lv1 Bold, Regenerator (F) 6 IV

Lickitung lv1 Brave, Cloud Nine (F) 6 IV

Box 15
Ignore IVs For Now

Nincada lv1 Jolly, Compound Eyes (M) 6 IV

Pinsir lv50 Jolly, Moxie (F) 6 IV

Rufflet lv1 Adamant, Hustle (M) 6 IV

Hitmontop lv55 Careful, Intimidate (M) 6 IV

Bouffalant lv1 Adamant, Sap Sipper (M) (SPA) 6 IV

Camerupt lv51 Modest, Solid Rock (M) 6 IV

Venipede lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost (M) 6 IV

Elgyem lv1 Quiet, Analytic (M) 6 IV

Frillish lv1 Calm, Water Absorb (M) (SPA) 6 IV

Yamask lv1 Bold, Mummy (M) (SPA) 6 IV

Trubbish lv1 Impish, Aftermath (M) 6 IV

Timburr lv1 Adamant, Guts (M) 6 IV

Arcanine lv52 Adamant, Intimidate (F) 6 IV

Ferroseed lv1 Relaxed, Iron Barbs (M) 6 IV

Mankey lv1 Jolly, Anger Point (M) 6 IV

Togepi lv1 Calm, Serene Grace (M) 6 IV

Salamence lv54 Bold, Intimidate (M) 6 IV

Chinchou lv25 Serious, Volt Absorb (M) 6 IV

Foongus lv30 Modest, Effect Spore (M) 6 IV

Kingdra lv60 Hardy, Sniper (F) 6 IV

Exploud lv50 Rash, Soundproof (M) 6 IV

Alomomola lv35 Impish, Healer (M) 6 IV

Wingull lv7 Brave, Keen Eye (F) 6 IV

Durant lv24 Modest, Swarm (F) 6 IV

Magikarp lv1 Adamant, Swift Swim (M) 6 IV

Amoonguss lv39 Adamant, Effect Spore (M) 6 IV

Dodrio lv38 Bold, Early Bird (M) 6 IV

Pelipper lv38 Hasty, Keen Eye (M) 6 IV

Hoppip lv1 Jolly, Infiltrator (F) 6 IV

Psyduck lv1 Timid, Swift Swim (M) 6 IV

Box 16

Dragonite lv69 Adamant, Multiscale (F) 6 IV

Shedinja lv20 Adamant, Wonder Guard 6 IV

Parasect lv50 Impish, Dry Skin (M) 6 IV

Lileep lv1 Calm, Storm Drain (M) 6 IV

Rhyperior lv100 Adamant, Solid Rock (M) 6 IV

Feraligatr lv47 Adamant, Torrent (F) 6 IV

Vullaby lv1 Impish Overcoat (F) 6 IV

Breloom lv50 Adamant, Technician (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Aerodactyl lv1 Adamant, Rock Head (M) 6 IV

Numel lv1 Relaxed, Oblivious (F) 6 IV

Mightyena lv100 Adamant, Moxie (F) 6 IV

Cleffa lv1 Calm, Magic Guard (F) 6 IV

Ledyba lv1 Jolly, Rattled (F) (SPA) 6 IV

Chinchou lv1 Modest, Volt Absorb (F) 6 IV

Magneton lv30 Timid, Sturdy 6 IV

Lapras lv1 Modest, Water Absorb (M) 6 IV

Mr. Mime lv1 Modest, Filter (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Scraggy lv1 Impish, Intimidate (M) 6 IV

Mudkip lv1 Adamant, Damp (F) 6 IV

Horsea lv1 Jolly, Swift Swim (F) (SPA) 6 IV

Lillpup lv1 Adamant, Vital Spirit (F) 6 IV

Totodile lv1 Adamant, Torrent (M) (GER) 6 IV

Petilil lv1 Modest, Chlorophyll (F) 6 IV

Castform lv1 Timid, Forecast (F) 6 IV

Electrike lv1 Timid, Lightning (F) 6 IV

Axew lv1 Jolly, Mold Breaker (M) 6 IV

Goldeen lv1 Timid, Swift Swim (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Growlithe lv1 Adamant, Flash Fire (M) 6 IV

Persian lv52 Jolly, Technician (F) 6 IV

Tirtouga lv1 Adamant, Solid Rock (M) 6 IV

Box 17

Pichu lv1 Jolly, Static (M) 6 IV

Abra lv1 Modest, Inner Focus (M) 6 IV

Elekid lv1 Adamant, Static (M) 6 IV

Gothita lv1 Calm, Competitive (F) 6 IV

Barboach lv1 Adamant, Oblivious (F) 6 IV

Onix lv1 Jolly, Sturdy (F) (JPN) 6 IV

Heatmor lv1 Timid, Flash Fire (M) 6 IV

Frillish lv1 Calm, Water Absorb (F) 6 IV

Glameow lv1 Jolly, Own Tempo (F) 6 IV

Seedot lv1 Adamant, Chlorphyll (F) 6 IV

Tympole lv1 Modest, Water Absorb (M) 6 IV

Foongus lv1 Calm, Regenerator (F) 6 IV

Buneary lv1 Jolly, Klutz (F) 6 IV

Wailmer lv1 Brave, Water Veil (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Cacnea lv1 Adamant, Sand Veil (M)

Cherubi lv1 Timid, Chlorophyll (F)

Croagunk lv1 Jolly, Dry Skin (M) (SPA)

Mantyke lv1Modest, Swift Swim (F)

Makuhita lv1 Brave, Guts (M)

Cryogonal lv1 Calm, Levitate

Manectric lv100 Timid, Lightning Rod (M)

Phanpy lv1 Impish, Pickup (M)

Cubone lv1 Adamant, Rock Head (F)

Combee lv1 Careful, Honey Gather (F)

Petilil lv1 Modest, Own Tempo (F) (KOR)

Darumaka lv19 Joly, Hustle (M)

Deerling lv1 Adamant, Serene Grace (F)

Emolga lv1 Timid, Motor Drive (M)

Klink lv1 Adamant, Clear Body

Accelgor lv58 Timid, Sticky Hold (F)

Box 18

Bellsprout lv1 Timid, Chlorophyll (M)

Farfetch'd lv1 Jolly, Defiant (F) (JPN)

Exeggcute lv1 Modest, Harvest (M)

Omanyte lv1 Bold, Swift Swim (M)

Spinarak lv1 Jolly, Insomnia (F)

Yanma lv1 Modest, Speed Boost (M)

Teddiursa lv1 Adamant, Quick Feet (F)

Delibird lv1 Jolly, Vital Spirit (F)

Smoochum lv1 Bold, Oblivious (F)

Larvesta lv1 Timid, Flame Body (F)

Mienfoo lv1 Jolly, Regenerator (M)

Roselia lv1 Timid, Leaf Guard (F)

Torkoal lv1 Bold, White Smoke (F)

Pansear lv1 Timid, Blaze (M)

Panpour lv1 Timid, Gluttony (M)

Clamperl lv1 Timid, Shell Armor (M)

Shellos lv1 Bold, Storm Drain (F)

Chatot lv1 Timid, Tangled Feet (M)

Munchlax lv1 Adamant, Thick Fat (M)

Finneon lv1 Modest, Water Veil (F)

Togekiss lv50 Calm, Serene Grace (F)

Zangoose lv1 Jolly, Toxic Boost (F) (KOR)

Box 19
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