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Shiny Pokémon on Y (Kalos Only)
Kalos For Kalos Only!!

Box Numbers
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Box 1

Honedge lv1 Adamant, No Guard 6 IV
Honedge lv1 Brave, No Guard 5 IV
Honedge lv1 Quiet, No Guard (JPN) 1 IV

Aegislash lv69 Bold, Stance Change 1 IV

Diggersby lv51 Adamant, Huge Power 5 IV

Barbaracle lv55 Jolly, Tough Claws 5 IV

Trevenant lv1 Careful, Harvest 6 IV
Trevenant lv1 Careful, Harvest 5 IV
Trevenant lv53 Careful, Harvest 5 IV
Trevenant lv64 Impish, Harvest 6 IV

Hawlucha lv1 Adamant, Unburden 5 IV
Hawlucha lv70 Adamant, Unburden 5 IV

Clauncher lv25 Timid, Mega Launcher 1 IV

Clawitzer lv37 Bold, Mega Launcher 1 IV

Inkay lv1 Adamant, Contrary 6 IV

Malamar lv51 Adamant, Contrary 6 IV

Bergmite lv1 Relaxed, Ice Body 4 IV

Avalugg lv45 Bashful, Own Tempo (JPN) 2 IV

Sylveon lv34 Mild, Cute Charm 1 IV
Sylveon lv50 Modest, Pixilate (SPA) 5 IV
Sylveon lv51 Modest, Pixilate (JPN) 6 IV
Sylveon lv54 Timid, Pixilate 5 IV

Espurr lv1 Modest, Keen Eye 5 IV

Meowstic lv34 Quirky, Infiltrator 2 IV

Scatterbug lv1 Timid, Compound Eyes 5 IV

Spewpa lv9 Modest, Shed Skin 5 IV

Vivillon lv12 Timid, Compound Eyes 5 IV
Vivillon lv25 Timid, Compound Eyes 5 IV

Klefki lv30 Quirky, Prankster 2 IV
Klefki lv100 Timid, Prankster (JPN) 2 IV

Box 2

Chespin lv1 Impish, Bullet Proof 6 IV

Chesnaught lv41 Impish, Overgrow 2 IV
Chesnaught lv41 Hasty, Overgrow (ITA) 2 IV

Fletchling lv1 Adamant, Gale Wings 5 IV

Fletchinder lv30 Impish, Flame Body 2 IV

Talonflame lv51 Adamant, Gale Wings 5 IV

Pumpkaboo lv1 Adamant, Frisk 1 IV

Gourgeist lv30 Quiet, Insomnia 2 IV
Gourgeist lv50 Impish, Frisk 5 IV

Skiddo lv10 Docile, Sap Sipper 1 IV

Gogoat lv59 Brave, Sap Sipper 2 IV
Gogoat lv89 Adamant, Sap Sipper 5 IV

Spritzee lv1 Bold, Healer 2 IV
Spritzee lv31 Adamant Aroma Veil 2 IV

Aromatisse lv30 Relaxed, Healer 3 IV

Litleo lv1 Timid, Moxie (M) 5 IV

Pyroar lv30 Adamant, Unnerve (F) 2 IV
Pyroar lv30 Hardy, Moxie (F) 2 IV

Noibat lv26 Modest, Frisk 5 IV

Noivern lv66 Timid, Infiltrator 6 IV
Noivern lv100 Hasty,Infiltrator 2 IV

Helioptile lv1 Modest, Dry Skin (SPA) 5 IV
Helioptile lv1 Timid, Solar Power 6 IV
Helioptile lv30 Brave, Sand Veil 2 IV

Froakie lv1 Naive, Protean 6 IV
Froakie lv10 Docile, Torrent 1 IV

Frogadier lv30 Lonely, Torrent 2 IV

Greninji lv50 Timid, Protean 5 IV
Greninji lv59 Modest, Protean 4 IV
Greninji lv61 Hasty, Protean 6 IV

Box 3

Swirlix lv1 Naughty, Unburden 6 IV

Slupuff lv29 Naughty, Unburden 6 IV

Skrelp lv25 Calm, Poison Touch 1 IV

Dragalge lv35 Modest, Poison Touch 1 IV

Florges lv30 Quirky, Flower Veil 2 IV
Florges lv100 Quiet, Flower Veil 2 IV

Dedenne lv35 Hasty, Plus 2 IV

Tyrunt lv1 Naughty, Strong Jaw 1 IV
Tyrunt lv1 Adamant, Strong Jaw 5 IV
Tyrunt lv20 Rash, Strong Jaw 1 IV

Tyrantrum lv40 Adamant, Strong Jaw 5 IV
Tyrantrum lv50 Jolly, Strong Jaw 1 IV

Goomy lv1 Sassy, Hydration 5 IV
Goomy lv16 Bold, Sap Sipper 5 IV

Sliggoo lv40 Sassy, Gooey 3 IV

Goodra lv57 Modest, Gooey 6 IV

Carbink lv1 Impish, Sturdy (KOR) 6 IV
Carbink lv100 Relaxed, Clear Body 1 IV

Amaura lv1 Modest, Refrigerate 6 IV

Aurorus lv62 Modest, Refrigerate 6 IV

Fennekin lv1 Modest, Magician 6 IV
Fennekin lv1 Gentle, Magician 1 IV

Delphox lv55 Modest, Magician 6 IV

Pancham lv1 Jolly, Iron Fist 5 IV

Furfrou lv57 Brave, Fur Coat 2 IV

Hawlucha lv42 Adamant Unburden 5 IV
Aegislash lv83 Brave Stance Change 5 IV

Sylveon lv50 Modest, Pixilate (JPN) 6 IV

Meowstic lv26 Relaxed, Keen Eye 1 IV

Box 4
Saving for later

Box 5
Saving for later

Box 6

Corphish lv25 Rash, Hyper Cutter (GER) 2 IV

Crawdaunt lv30 Mild, Hyper Cutter 1 IV

Octillery lv30 Modest, Moody 2 IV
Octillery lv35 Relaxed, Suction Cups (FRE) 2 IV
Octillery lv36 Rash, Suction Cups 1 IV

Qwilfish lv1 Timid, Poison Point 4 IV

Magikarp lv15 Mild, Swift Swim 3 IV

Gyarados lv92 Calm, Intimidate 1 IV

Corsola lv30 Naive, Regenerator 2 IV
Corsola lv35 Naive, Natural Cure 1 IV
Corsola lv53 Naughty, Hustle (SPA) 1 IV

Carvanha lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost 5 IV

Lanturn lv35 Rash, Illuminate 1 IV

Psyduck lv21 Lonely, Damp 1 IV

Feebas lv1 Bold, Oblivious (ITA) 5 IV

Simipour lv50 Relaxed, Torrent 2 IV

Kingler lv31 Quirky, Hyper Cutter 2 IV

Relicanth lv35 Lonely, Swift Swim (FRE) 1 IV

Remoraid lv25 Bold, Sniper 2 IV

Mudkip lv1 Sassy, Torrent 1 IV

Barboach lv35 Calm, Oblivious 1 IV

Shellder lv1 Adamant, Skill Link 6 IV

Pelipper lv25 Docile, Keen Eye 1 IV

Azumarill lv56 Adamant, Huge Power (ITA) 4 IV

Squirtle lv1 Modest, Rain Dish 5 IV

Blastoise lv44 Gentle, Rain Dish 3 IV
Blastoise lv56 Modest, Rain Dish 5 IV

Piplup lv1 Modest, Torrent 5 IV

Starmie lv53 Timid, Natural Cure 5 IV

Seaking lv33 Lax, Water Veil 1 IV

Box 7

Luvdisc lv15 Gentle, Swift Swim 1 IV
Luvdisc lv15 Timid, Swift Swim 1 IV

Dratini lv1 Adamant, Marvel Scale 5 IV

Poliwag lv1 Modest, Swift Swim 6 IV

Poliwrath lv50 Lonely, Damp 1 IV

Politoed lv50 Relaxed, Water Absorb (JPN) 1 IV

Horsea lv25 Calm, Swift Swim 1 IV
Horsea lv25 Careful, Sniper 1 IV

Seadra lv32 Jolly, Poison Point 1 IV

Slowpoke lv21 Bold, Regenerator 5 IV

Slowbro lv53 Relaxed, Own Tempo 1 IV
Slowbro lv53 Bold, Regenerator 4 IV

Chimchar lv1 Hasty, Iron Fist 5 IV

Houndour lv1 Timid, Flash Fire (ITA) 5 IV

Houndoom lv32 Timid, Early Bird 5 IV
Houndoom lv100 Timid, Flash Fire 6 IV

Magby lv1 Modest, Flame Body 5 IV

Magmar lv30 Relaxed, Flame Body 2 IV

Numel lv1 Careful, Simple 2 IV

Camerupt lv30 Timid, Solid Rock 2 IV

Vulpix lv1 Timid, Drought 6 IV

Ninetales lv31 Timid, Drought 6 IV

Ponyta lv1 Jolly, Flame Fire 5 IV
Ponyta lv1 Jolly, Flame Body 5 IV

Charmander lv1 Timid, Solar Power 6 IV
Charmander lv1 Timid, Solar Power 5 IV
Charmander lv1 Docile, Blaze 6 IV

Charmeleon lv30 Sassy, Blaze 3 IV

Charizard lv50 Mild, Blaze 1 IV
Charizard lv100 Modest, Solar Power 6 IV

Box 8

Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost 5 IV
Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost 6 IV
Torchic lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost 5 IV

Litwick lv1 Modest, Flame Body 5 IV
Litwick lv1 Modest, Infiltrator 6 IV

Lampent lv30 Hasty, Flame Body 3 IV

Volcarona lv96 Timid, Flame Body 5 IV

Cyndaquil lv1 Timid, Blaze 5 IV

Ninetales lv50 Modest, Drought 6 IV

Elekid lv1 Adamant, Static 6 IV
Elekid lv1 Quiet, Vital Spirit 1 IV

Electivire lv50 Adamant, Motor Drive 6 IV

Cottonee lv1 Calm, Prankster 5 IV

Whimsicott lv32 Bold, Prankster 5 IV

Snivy lv1 Timid, Overgrow 5 IV

Hoppip lv1 Timid, Chlorophyll (KOR) 3 IV

Weepinbell lv24 Serious, Chlorophyll 1 IV

Vileplume lv61 Lonely, Chlorophyll 1 IV

Breloom lv63 Adamant, Technician 5 IV

Roserade lv1 Modest, Natural Cure 5 IV

Bulbasaur lv1 Modest, Chlorophyll 3 IV

Venusaur lv41 Modest, Chlorophyll 3 IV
Venusuar lv92 Modest, Chlorophyll 5 IV

Ludicolo lv71 Modest, Rain Dish 5 IV

Turtwig lv25 Adamant, Overgrow 5 IV

Chikorita lv1 Calm, Overgrow 5 IV

Sunflora lv30 Docile, Solar Power 2 IV

Snover lv1 Brave, Snow Warning 5 IV

Foongus lv18 Bold, Effect Spore 1 IV

Swadloon lv30 Naughty, Chlorophyll 3 IV

Box 9

Eevee lv1 Calm, Run Away 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Modest, Anticipation (SPA) 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Bold, Anticipation 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Careful, Adaptability 5 IV
Eevee lv1 Timid, Anticipation 3 IV

Porygon2 lv1 Bold, Trace 5 IV

Smeargle lv30 Jolly, Technician 6 IV
Smeargle lv59 Jolly, Own Tempo 5 IV

Exploud lv40 Impish, Soundproof (SPA) 1 IV
Exploud lv72 Naive, Soundproof (JPN) 1 IV

Chansey lv1 Calm, Serene Grace 5 IV
Chansey lv1 Brave, Serene Grace 3 IV

Buneary lv1 Adamant, Klutz 5 IV

Aipom lv1 Jolly, Run Away 5 IV
Aipom lv1 Jolly, Run Away 4 IV

Ditto lv87 Jolly, Limber (JPN) 6 IV

Spinda lv26 Docile, Own Tempo 1 IV

Tauros lv30 Calm, Intimidate 2 IV

Minccino lv30 Quiet, Cute Charm 2 IV

Kangaskhan lv51 Jolly, Scrappy 5 IV

Girafarig lv100 Serious, Inner Focus 4 IV

Miltank lv14 Bold, Scrappy (FRE) 1 IV
Miltank lv27 Naughty, Thick Fat 1 IV

Snorlax lv1 Careful, Thick Fat 5 IV

Togepi lv30 Lax, Hustle (GER) 3 IV
Togepi lv1 Calm, Serene Grace 5 IV

Ralts lv1 Jolly, Trace 6 IV
Ralts lv1 Modest, Telepathy 5 IV

Kirlia lv30 Relaxed, Telepathy 2 IV

Gallade lv39 Timid, Steadfast (JPN) 5 IV

Box 10

Koffing lv1 Bold, Levitate 6 IV

Cleffa lv1 Bashful, Friend Guard 6 IV

Jigglypuff lv48 Adamant, Cute Charm 1 IV

Mawile lv30 Rash, Sheer Force 2 IV
Mawile lv30 Bold, Hyper Cutter 2 IV

Gorebyss lv35 Rash, Swift Swim 1 IV

Swinub lv15 Adamant, Thick Fat 5 IV

Mamoswine lv100 Adamant, Thick Fat 5 IV

Dewgong lv30 Brave, Ice Body 3 IV

Delibird lv30 Hardy, Insomnia 2 IV

Beartic lv30 Timid, Snow Cloak (JPN) 2 IV

Froslass lv52 Timid, Cursed Body 5 IV

Vanillite lv20 Naive, Ice Body 1 IV

Snorunt lv30 Impish, Moody 2 IV
Snorunt lv30 Naive, Inner Focus 2 IV

Solosis lv1 Quiet, Magic Guard 5 IV

Reuniclus lv100 Bold, Regenerator 2 IV

Gengar lv53 Calm, Levitate 6 IV

Taillow lv1 Jolly, Guts 5 IV

Swablu lv1 Jolly, Natural Cure 5 IV

Pidgey lv1 Jolly, Tangled Feet 5 IV

Noctowl lv50 Lax, Insomnia 1 IV

Staraptor lv60 Jolly, Reckless 5 IV

Dodrio lv31 Mild, Tangled Feet 2 IV

Magnemite lv1 Modest, Magnet Pull 3 IV

Ferrothorn lv65 Relaxed, Iron Barbs 4 IV

Manectric lv52 Timid, Lightning Rod (KOR) 4 IV

Lucario lv100 Adamant, Inner Focus 5 IV
Lucario lv100 Adamant, Steadfast 5 IV

Donphan lv34 Hardy, Sturdy 2 IV

Box 11

Rotom lv1 Timid, Levitate (SPA) 5 IV

Rotom lv50 Bold, Levitate 5 IV

Mareep lv1 Modest, Static 5 IV
Mareep lv1 Quiet, Static 3 IV

Ampharos lv31Sassy, Static 2 IV

Luxray lv54 Adamant, Intimidate 5 IV

Jumpluff lv31 Quiet, Chlorophyll 1 IV

Joltik lv1 Timid, Compound Eyes 6 IV

Galvantula lv65 Timid, Compound Eyes 6 IV

Muk lv30 Impish, Poison Touch 2 IV

Meditite lv1 Adamant, Pure Power 5 IV

Medicham lv50 Adamant, Pure Power 5 IV

Conkeldurr lv58 Adamant, Sheer Force 1 IV
Conkeldurr lv59 Bashful, Sheer Force 1 IV

Chingling lv21 Jolly, Levitate 3 IV

Combee lv30 Gentle, Honey Gather 2 IV

Drilbur lv1 Careful, Sand Rush 5 IV

Excadrill lv59 Adamant, Mold Breaker 5 IV

Deino lv30 Modest, Hustle 6 IV
Deino lv1 Modest, Hustle 5 IV
Deino lv1 Timid, Hustle 5 IV

Tyrogue lv1 Jolly, Steadfast 5 IV

Hitmonlee lv40 Brave, Unburden 3 IV

Golem lv57 Rash, Rock Head 1 IV

Murkrow lv18 Quirky, Super Luck 2 IV

Mandibuzz lv54 Bold, Overcoat 5 IV

Heracross lv1 Adamant, Moxie 5 IV

Metagross lv56 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV
Metagross lv60 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV

Garbodor lv30 Lax, Weak Armor 2 IV

Box 12

Snubbull lv30 Hasty, Rattled 2 IV

Aron lv1 Adamant, Sturdy 5 IV

Aerodactyl lv25 Adamant, Rock Head 5 IV

Gible lv1 Jolly, Sand Veil 5 IV

Machop lv1 Adamant, No Guard (KOR) 5 IV

Gulpin lv5 Lax, Sticky Hold 1 IV

Archen lv27 Jolly, Defeatist 6 IV
Archen lv1 Adamant, Defeatist 5 IV

Croagunk lv14 Lax, Anticipation 1 IV

Yanmega lv38 Hasty, Tinted Lens 1 IV

Haxorus lv76 Adamant, Mold Breaker 5 IV

Geodude lv28 Naughty, Sturdy 1 IV

Gligar lv1 Impish, Immunity 5 IV

Absol lv74 Adamant, Super Luck 6 IV

Cranidos lv1 Adamant, Mold Breaker 5 IV

Nidoking lv24 Timid, Sheer Force 5 IV

Kabuto lv1 Adamant, Battle Armor 5 IV

Beldum lv1 Adamant, Clear Body 5 IV

Golurk lv60 Adamant, Iron Fist 4 IV

Gothitelle lv50 Careful, Competitive 1 IV

Flygon lv49 Bold, Levitate 1 IV

Banette lv46 Adamant, Frisk 6 IV

Pineco lv1 Relaxed, Sturdy 5 IV

Drowzee lv30 Rash, Insomnia 3 IV

Yamask lv1 Bold, Mummy (SPA) 5 IV

Scyther lv15 Adamant, Swarm 5 IV

Shuckle lv49 Impish, Contrary 5 IV

Scizor lv1 Adamant, Technician 5 IV
Scizor lv91 Adamant, Technician 5 IV

Weavile lv6 Adamant, Pressure 5 IV

Box 13

Sableye lv1 Impish, Prankster 2 IV
Sableye lv30 Rash, Stall (SPA) 2 IV
Sableye lv53 Careful, Prankster 5 IV

Tepig lv1 Mild, Blaze 2 IV

Sigilyph lv30 Serious, Tinted Lens 2 IV

Bisharp lv100 Jolly, Defiant (JPN) 5 IV

Pichu lv1 Calm, Static 1 IV

Venipede lv1 Jolly, Speed Boost 6 IV

Tyranitar lv100 Adamant, Sand Stream 6 IV

Milotic lv1 Quiet, Competitive 1 IV

Mightyena lv42 Adamant, Moxie 5 IV

Natu lv1 Bold, Magic Bounce 5 IV

Misdreavus lv1 Timid, Levitate 5 IV

Zorua lv1 Naive, Illusion 6 IV

Koffing lv1 Bold, Levitate (GER) 5 IV

Gastly lv1 Timid, Levitate (ITA) 5 IV

Beldum lv1 Adamant, Clear Body 6 IV

Steelix lv30 Timid, Sturdy 3 IV

Bagon lv1 Relaxed, Rock Head 5 IV
Bagon lv1 Jolly, Sheer Force 6 IV
Bagon lv14 Adamant, Sheer Force 6 IV

Larvitar lv1 Sassy, Guts 6 IV
Larvitar lv1 Adamant, Guts 5 IV

Pupitar lv30 Relaxed, Shed Skin 2 IV

Gulpin lv1 Brave, Sticky Hold 1 IV

Durant lv44 Hasty, Swarm 1 IV

Skorupi lv1 Jolly, Sniper 5 IV

Druddigon lv58 Lonely, Rough Skin (KOR) 1 IV

Hydreigon lv75 Modest, Levitate 6 IV

Alakazam lv75 Modest, Magic Guard (SPA) 6 IV

Box 14

Poochyena lv1 Jolly, Run Away (KOR) 5 IV

Scrafty lv51 Careful, Intimidate 5 IV

Sandile lv1 Jolly, Moxie (SPA) 6 IV

Zubat lv1 Jolly, Infiltrator 5 IV

Gliscor lv90 Impish, Poison Heal 5 IV

Gengar lv64 Timid, Levitate 5 IV

Sneasel lv1 Jolly, Pickpocket 5 IV

Espeon lv50 Modest, Magic Bounce (SPA) 5 IV

Pawniard lv1 Adamant, Defiant 5 IV

Duskull lv1 Careful, Levitate 6 IV

Shuppet lv16 Adamant, Frisk 6 IV

Volbeat lv30 Naughty, Swarm (JPN) 3 IV

Riolu lv23 Adamant, Steadfast 6 IV

Zoroark lv60 Timid, Illusion 5 IV

Forretress lv100 Relaxed, Sturdy 4 IV

Hydreigon lv68 Timid, Levitate 6 IV

Spheal lv1 Adamant, Thick Fat 6 IV

Murkrow lv1 Adamant, Prankster 6 IV

Altaria lv38 Impish, Natural Cure1 IV

Treecko lv1 Timid, Unburden 5 IV

Swampert lv100 Adamant, Torrent (GER) 6 IV

Mime Jr. lv11 Careful, Filter (GER) 3 IV

Nidoking lv61 Jolly, Sheer Force 6 IV

Taillow lv9 Timid, Guts 1 IV

Milotic lv50 Calm, Marvel Scale 5 IV

Sceptile lv74 Modest, Overgrow 5 IV

Blaziken lv100 Jolly, Speed Boost 4 IV

Miltank lv1 Jolly, Scrappy 5 IV

Tangela lv1 Bold, Regenerator 6 IV

Lickitung lv1 Brave, Cloud Nine 6 IV

Box 15
Ignore IVs For Now

Nincada lv1 Jolly, Compound Eyes 6 IV

Pinsir lv50 Jolly, Moxie 6 IV

Rufflet lv1 Adamant, Hustle 6 IV

Hitmontop lv55 Careful, Intimidate 6 IV

Bouffalant lv1 Adamant, Sap Sipper (SPA) 6 IV

Camerupt lv51 Modest, Solid Rock 6 IV

Venipede lv1 Adamant, Speed Boost 6 IV

Elgyem lv1 Quiet, Analytic 6 IV

Frillish lv1 Calm, Water Absorb (M) (SPA) 6 IV

Yamask lv1 Bold, Mummy (SPA) 6 IV

Trubbish lv1 Impish, Aftermath 6 IV

Timburr lv1 Adamant, Guts 6 IV

Arcanine lv52 Adamant, Intimidate 6 IV

Ferroseed lv1 Relaxed, Iron Barbs 6 IV

Mankey lv1 Jolly, Anger Point 6 IV

Togepi lv1 Calm, Serene Grace 6 IV

Salamence lv54 Bold, Intimidate 6 IV

Chinchou lv25 Serious, VOlt Absorb 6 IV

Foongus lv30 Modest, Effect Spore 6 IV

Kingdra lv60 Hardy, Sniper 6 IV

Exploud lv50 Rash, Soundproof 6 IV

Alomomola lv35 Imish, Healer 6 IV

Wingull lv7 Brave, Keen Eye 6 IV

Durant lv24 Modest, Swarm 6 IV

Magikarp lv1 Adamant, Swift Swim 6 IV

Amoonguss lv39 Adamant, Effect Spore 6 IV

Dodrio lv38 Bold, Early Bird 6 IV

Pelipper lv38 Hasty, Keen Eye 6 IV

Hoppip lv1 Jolly, Infiltrator 6 IV

Psyduck lv1 Timid, Swift Swim 6 IV

Box 16

Dragonite lv69 Adamant, Multiscale 6 IV

Shedinja lv20 Adamant, Wonder Guard 6 IV

Parasect lv50 Impish, Dry Skin 6 IV

Lileep lv1 Calm, Storm Drain 6 IV

Rhyperior lv100 Adamant, Solid Rock 6 IV

Feraligatr lv47 Adamant, Torrent 6 IV

Vullaby lv1 Impish Overcoat 6 IV

Breloom lv50 Adamant, Technician (JPN) 6 IV

Aerodactyl lv1 Adamant, Rock Head 6 IV

Numel lv1 Relaxed, Oblivious 6 IV

Mightyena lv100 Adamant, Moxie 6 IV

Cleffa lv1 Calm, Magic Guard 6 IV

Ledyba lv1 Jolly, Rattled (SPA) 6 IV

Chinchou lv1 Modest, Volt Absorb 6 IV

Magneton lv30 Timid, Sturdy 6 IV

Lapras lv1 Modest, Water Absorb 6 IV

Mr. Mime lv1 Modest, Filter (JPN) 6 IV

Scraggy lv1 Impish, Intimidate 6 IV

Mudkip lv1 Adamant, Damp (F) 6 IV

Horsea ;v1 Jolly, Swift Swim (F) (SPA) 6 IV

Lillpup lv1 Adamant, Vital Spirit (F) 6 IV

Totodile lv1 Adamant, Torrent (M) (GER) 6 IV

Petilil lv1 Modest, Chlorophyll (F) 6 IV

Castform lv1 Timid, Forecast (F) 6 IV

Electrike lv1 Timid, Lightning (F) 6 IV

Axew lv1 Jolly, Mold Breaker (M) 6 IV

Goldeen lv1 Timid, Swift Swim (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Growlithe lv1 Adamant, Flash FIre (M) 6 IV

Persian lv52 Jolly, Technician (F) 6 IV

Tirtouga lv1 Adamant, Solid ROck (M) 6 IV

Box 17

Pichu lv1 Jolly, Static (M) 6 IV

Abra lv1 Modest, Inner Focus (M) 6 IV

Elekid lv1 Adamant, Static (M) 6 IV

Gothita lv1 Calm, Competitive (F) 6 IV

Barboach lv1 Adamant, Oblivious (F) 6 IV

Onix lv1 Jolly, Sturdy (F) (JPN) 6 IV

Heatmor lv1 Timid, Flash Fire (M) 6 IV

Frillish lv1 Calm, Water Absorb (F) 6 IV

Glameow lv1 Jolly, Own Tempo (F) 6 IV

Seedot lv1 Adamant, Chlorphyll (F) 6 IV

Tympole lv1 Modest, Water Absorb (M) 6 IV

Foongus lv1 Calm, Regenerator (F) 6 IV

Buneary lv1 Jolly, Klutz (F) 6 IV

Wailmer lv1 Brave, Water Veil (M) (JPN) 6 IV

Box 18
Saving for later

Box 19
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Box 20
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Box 21
-insert list21 here-

Box 22
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Box 23
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Box 24
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Box 25
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Box 26
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Box 27
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Box 28
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Box 29
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Box 30
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Box 31
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