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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Mm, good idea. This will probably clear up a bunch of threads in the main ROM Hacking forum that can be answered in a single post.
Let's see, what to talk about...
Oh yes! How 'bout why people don't like hacking Emerald? They claim it's "unstable" but I haven't seen any proof of that. I've been working with it for a little while now and I think it's great! Animated battle sprites, larger secondary tilesets (as opposed to FR/LG), more map "folders", all R/S/E and FR/LG music plus select tracks from G/S and even Crystal. I mean, what's not to love?
I think the idea that Emerald is unstable stems from the fact that people are told that it's unstable in tutorials for Fire Red or Ruby. I'll admit I was once part of that ignorance that it was unstable. I guess people think it's unstable because of when they try to use a program with it, the program uses different pointers for different versions and therefore messes up the ROM.

I didn't realize there was so much space on Emerald. How much larger are the secondary tilesets? And I was also unaware of all the music choices. I'll have to experiment with Emerald. ^_^


As much as I hate to go off-topic, why are lengthy reviews that don't have number ratings in them being deleted in the Map Rating thread? Those lengthy reviews are more constructive, a lot more well though out than posts that say things such as, "THIS MAP IS AMAZING 10/10!". Yet those posts are not deleted while good constructive posts are. I fail to see the logic and reasoning behind this.
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