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Legends Pokemon X #1 For Dex Entry Mostly
Box 22 Non - Shiny

Zekrom lv70 Serious
Zekrom lv50 Hardy
Zekrom lv70 Sassy (JPN)
Zekrom lv50 Adamant (JPN)
Reshiram lv70 Naughty (JPN)
Reshiram lv50 Timid
Reshiram lv70 Lax
Reshiram lv50 Hasty
Kyurem lv70 Modest
Kyurem lv75 Bashful
Kyurem lv70 Hasty
Kyurem lv75 Careful (JPN)
Kyurem lv70 Naive (JPN)
Virizion lv42 Quirky
Virizion lv42 Quiet (JPN)
Virizion lv42 Gentle
Virizion lv45 Sassy
Virizion lv45 Hasty
Virizion lv45 Modest (JPN)
Virizion lv45 Naughty (JPN)
Terrakion lv42 Serious
Terrakion lv45 Calm (JPN)
Terrakion lv45 Impish (JPN)
Terrakion lv42 Quirky (JPN)
Terrakion lv42 Naughty
Terrakion lv45 Bold
Terrakion lv45 Naive
N's Zorua lv25 Hasty
Zoroark lv30 Modest

Box 23 Non - Shiny

Rayquaza lv50 Modest
Kyogre lv50 Adamant
Kyogre lv50 Impish
Groudon lv50 Jolly
Thundurus lv40 Gentle
Landorus lv70 Adamant
Regigigas lv70 Hardy
Regigigas lv68 Sassy (JPN)
Regigigas lv68 Adamant (JPN)
Regigigas lv68 Bold
Registeel lv65 Careful
Registeel lv65 Bashful
Registeel lv30 Adamant
Registeel lv65 Brave (JPN)
Regirock lv65 Timid (JPN)
Regirock lv30 Naughty
Regirock lv65 Adamant
Regirock lv65 Careful
Regirock lv65 Mild (JPN)
Regice lv30 Impish
Regice lv65 Mild (JPN)
Regice lv65 Modest
Regice lv30 Impish
Giratina lv70 Naughty
Cresselia lv50 Mild
Cresselia lv68 Impish (JPN)
Cresselia lv68 Careful (JPN)
Cresselia l68 Bold
Cresselia lv68 Timid (JPN)

Box 24 Non - Shiny

Dialga lv1 Naughty
Dialga lv47 Hasty
Palkia lv47 Hardy
Lugia lv70 Hardy
Ho Oh lv45 Timid
Heatran lv68 Naive
Heatran lv70 Naughty
Heatran lv68 Timid (JPN)
Heatran lv68 Adamant
Heatran lv68 Impish
Latios lv68 Quirky (JPN)
Latios lv35 Naive
Latios lv68 Sassy
Latias lv68 Jolly
Latias lv68 Sassy (JPN)
Latias lv35 Brave
Latias lv68 Calm (JPN)
Articuno lv50 Rash
Articuno lv50 Hardy
Articuno lv70 Lax
Moltres lv50 Brave
Moltres lv50 Sassy
Moltres lv70 Relaxed
Moltres lv70 Rash
Zapdos lv50 Jolly
Zapdos lv70 Quiet
Raikou lv40 Gentle
Suicune lv40 Bold
Suicune lv40 Brave
Entei lv40 Timid

Box 25 Non - Shiny

Azelf lv65 Hasty (JPN)
Azelf lv 65 Rash (JPN)
Azelf lv50 Docile
Azelf lv65 Adamant
Azelf lv65 Timid
Azelf lv50 Quirky
Mesprit lv65 Mild
Mesprit lv65 Lonely (JPN)
Mesprit lv50 Quiet
Mesprit lv65 Calm
Mesprit lv65 Adamant
Mesprit lv65 Relaxed (JPN)
Uxie lv65 Impish
Uxie lv65 Adamant
Uxie lv50 Docile
Uxie lv65 Lonely (JPN)
Uxie lv50 Sassy
Uxie lv65 Mild (JPN)
Uxie lv65 Timid
Cobalion lv42 Lax (JPN)
Cobalion lv42 Modest
Cobalion lv45 Quiet
Cobalion lv45 Naive (JPN)
Cobalion lv45 Bashful (JPN)
Mewtwo lv70 Rash
Mewtwo lv70 Hardy
Mewtwo lv70 Bashful
Volcarona lv35 Naughty
Volcarona lv35 Relaxed (JPN)
Volcarona lv35 Bold

Box 26 Non - Shiny

Zygarde lv70 Quiet
Xerneas lv50 Brave
Xerneas lv50 Calm
Yveltal lv50 Naive
Mewtwo lv70 Adamant
Mewtwo lv70 Lax

Box 27 Shiny

Regigigas lv70 Adamant
Regirock lv30 Bold
Registeel lv30 Calm
Regice lv30 Quirky
Cresselia lv50 Modest
Cresselia lv50 Mild
Uxie lv50 Bashful
Uxie lv50 Relaxed

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